Ride Summary


We see Edd is ready to start a ship (Similer to "The Batwing") he built for Agent P and wants the guest to test it first before they take off, also he says to the guest they need to put on these "Night Vison Googles" (3D Glasses) just in case. Then "The Lich" hijacks Edd's transmissson and he says to the guest "Let us show you who we really are!" The Pre-Show ends and the guest head towards the Simulators.


The whole ride is "piolited" by "The Eds" as Edd tells the guest to put on there "Googles" for the ride. The ride is very similer to the movie as the guest experince the movie for the whole ride.

Ride Line

While in the line we see scenes from the Ed, Edd n Eddy Episodes (Like Ready, Set, Ed), Adventure Time Episodes, and Phineas and Ferb Episodes.

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