Alladin's Flight is a rollercoater at Fantasyland. It is based on Aladdin, and it is magic carpet themed.



As you enter the line, you enter the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin. As the sand tiger opens its mouth, you go down the stairs and enter a chamber full of gold. A voice on the overhead says "Beware, do no not touch any of the treasure." In the next room, a chamber of lava lies way below the unsturdy bridge that guests walk on. The next room shows Genie, who tells you "Almost time to board your carpet!" In the next room, Jafar is seen and tells you the pre-ride safety rules. You board your magic carpet, and begin to ride!


Like any other thrill ride, there are many safety rules. You must at least 56 in. tall, and expectant mothers should not ride. Basiclly,you must be in good health and free from motion sickness, back, neck, spinal, and heart problems.


After you board the carpet, it slowly proceeds up into a pit of sand stairs. At the top, a ghost appears and tells you "Nowhere in here is safe." The ghost dissolves, and you go down a drop down and almost crashing into the lava lake. The carpet zooms back up and does two loops, and sharply turns into a tunnel full of plummeling rocks. They nearly crash on your carpet three times until you blast through the sand and appear at Agrabah. Aladdin greets you, and you zoom with him, and soon get chased by Genie Jafar. Genie Jafar transforms into a snake, and you proceed into the city of Agrabah. The carpet darts into the castle, but Arabian guards chase you around the castle until you crash outside and see Jasmine with Genie, who tell you "Hurry, Jafar is coming!" Then, Jafar interupts you, and sends Iago who pecks your carpet until it starts to crash. The carpet darts into the sky, and the carpet crashes back into the sand and you appear inside the Cave of Wonders, and slowly preceed to a stop, and the ride finishes.

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