Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride is a 4-D Virtual Reality ride at DisneyQuest.

Ride Summary


One guests is seated on a the magic carpet and are told to pull down their lap bar. They are then handed a remote with a joystick and a pair of OculusRift-like VR goggles. Guests put on the VR goggles and use the joystick to fly around Agrabah and collect coins. They have to find the Cave of Wonders and save the Genie. Once they find the Genie, they must escape the cave before the lava reaches and the cave colapses.


There are 15 magic carpets availible for guests to expirience the ride on. Each carpet is a 4-DOF motion base. Whenever riders collect a coin, they get a blast of air in their face. Wind fans are placed in front of the riders, so wind blows on them whenever they fly. Scent sprayers are attatched to the fans, so whenever the carpet flies by a food stand in the streets, riders can smell the food. When riders reach the Cave of Wonders and are approached by lava, hot air air and mist is sprayed onto riders. Each ride is 5 minutes.

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