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Alien Encounter: Terror of 2 will be a "theater in round" attraction in Tomorrowland. It is set to replace Stitch's Great Escape. This attraction houses 122 less people (40 people) than the original Alien Encounter meaning that this is a drop tower as well as a sensory experience.

Ride Summary

This attraction takes place 200 years after the events of the original attraction.

Ride Line

Guests explore Aperture Labatories while watching a 15 minute loop of Aperture's Information video.


Guests walk inside Aperture Labatories, soon as they found out that they will become test subects in the first preshow room.

In the second preshow room. A robotically revived version of Cave Johnson explains to you that not only Aperture gives out tests, but also is a rock discovery place in search for money. Then an problem occurs, but GLaDOS decides to ignore it, and she ended the preshow "automatically"

You will end up in a small room with a mysterious "rock" as GLaDOS put the pre-test scanners (harnesses) there just for "the fun of it". The scanners lower and GLaDOS scans the "test subjects" and claims that the tests will start soon, just about a couple of more checks. Then the lights go out, the "rock" is actually an egg from an alien that lived in this Labatory a million years ago, the lights go out again but the alien spits on unlucky guests, as the alien escaped its nursery, the harnesses tap the "test subjects" and drools all over them. The seats "collapse" from their room and end up underground, and realise that another egg as hatched. Once a "claw" picks up the guests and puts them back in their original position, and fortunately the lights turn back on, Missle turrets from the celing form and are ready to bring down the two aliens, but the missle turrets go out of power, and bright lights flicker all over the theater and alarms are blaring, and then the power is off again, but this time the aliens are bouncing around. Fortunately, power is on and GLaDOS set turrets all over the roof and the turrets blast the aliens. GLaDOS tells you to find someone else to make problems in their life and guests leave the theater.



This video is not the ride.

The height restriction is: 140 cm

Some of the effects in Alien Encounter are also used in this attraction

The drop size is 20 ft

Background Information

This attraction is based off of Valve's Portal franchise