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The Show Opens with Tinkerbell Flying over the Cinderella Castle and it shows the hoildays from Its a Small world before Chubby Chesse welcome the Guests before the First Segment was Frozen With Elsa Singing her Main Song 'Let It Go' with The Castle and Castle Stage truned Blue during the song.The Next Segment was Toy Story with The Nutcraker Themed Show with Candy,Gingerbread and Fireworks and the Sagement was Townsville Pepole and Gonny Singing 'Best Day Of My Life' with the castle cover with roses and the Powerpuff Girls Singing 'Best Day of my life'Until becomes BBQ and Their dad sings 'Freedom Beef' and The Song Stops with Powerpuff Girls Until they Sing 'Reel Good' as the Sergemt comes to an end and it Moves On to Bratz Masquerade and GTA IV characters doing a Flash Mob to 'Your Sweet Six Six'By Him as Eveyboby Dacning and having Fun and GTA V Characters dancing as Tweenies Singing 'Number 1'.


The Castle Was Dinned and it moves On To Asagard when they show Thor and Loki Singing Together as 'Brothers' playing  as they show Clips from Thor,Avengers,Thor;Dark World as the Castle show The Colours Red and Green as the Show the Disney Princess singing '12 days of Christmas'  and They Love Sences from Ouran,Vampire Knight,Shurga Chara,Sailor Moon, as the castle set to 'have yourself a merry christmas' as the Sergement moves on to the dark elfs ready to take over asgard and Fight and destroy asgard untill Algrim stabs Frigga in the back as the Castle Fades Into Darkness

2015 Version

  • Christmas Dreams Sagment will be Replaced By Spectre and Supernatural The Musical(With Dean and Sam singing Silent Night Before The Segment)


  • Spectre

Writings on the Wall

  • Supernatural:The Musical

Medley(The Road so far,Ill just wait here,A Single Man Tear,Carry ON Wayward son)


  • Opening/Winter Dreams Theme
  • Frozen:For the First time in forever/In Summer/Let It go
  • see me feel me gnomey Medley
  • Ouran Host Club Nutcracker
  • GTA IV/Bratz Maquerade Flashmob
  • GTA V Number 1
  • The Lord of the rings Musical-Medley(The Cat and the Moon/Now and For Always/The Road Goes On)
  • Find the Music in you
  • Disney Princess 12 Days of Christmas
  • Rock of Ages-More Than words/Heaven
  • Love and Mercy-Medley(Surin USA/Don't Worry Baby/Surfer Girl/I Get around/Fun Fun Fun)
  • Supernatural-Musical(The Road So Far/Ill Just wait here/A Single Man Tear/Carry on wayward son)
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