Anime Dreams Christmas Day parade is on 25th December with the Theme Biggest Masquerade Ever/Memories

With the Parade Music Story of My Life By One Direction with a mash up with jdat from Grand Theft Auto Iv and Radio Gaga By Queen

There are Some Floats From Anime Moments On Parade,Happy Halloween Parade,and Winter Wonderland Parade and Easter Wonderland Parade and SpringTime Suprise Parade


  • On the Bratz Masquerade Float Odelia and Brogan will get Replace By Thor and Loki but Finora and Kirana and Penn will be staying(With Loki being with Kirana and Penn with Thor)
  • Birelle will be On the Opening Float of the Easter Wonderland Parade with Mad Hatter Tamaki and Alice
  • Horrid Henry,Nikio Belic,Eve Black,Micheal De Santa,Lian will be On the Opening Float of the Happy Halloween Parade
  • Danny,Sandy,Kyouya,Yukki Cross,Cyw,LLew,Spike,Franklin and Luis will be on the Mad Tea Party Float from Easter wonderland Parade
  • Angry Birds float will be used
  • Toy Story and The Simpsons will be On the Circus Float from Happy Halloween Parade
  • Rapunzel,Flynn,Anna,Elsa and Belle and Cinderella will be On the Princess Float from Happy Halloween Parade
  • Snow White and Naurto and Sasuke in the cars wearing 30th Anniversy costumes
  • Iron Man,Hikaru and Kanou and Boigi on the first car,Frigga,Ordin,Jangal,Johnny and Ashley will be on the second car and on the Thrid on will be Nyan Cat,Minnie Mouse.Mickey Mouse and Hunny will be on the Train
  • Sailor Moon and Her friends will be on the closing float on Easter wonderland parade
  • Micosoft sam,Phineas,Ferb will be on the Marvel Heros Float from Happy Halloween Parade
  • Peppa Pig,Captin America,Stacce Jaxx,Sif,and Tinkerbell will be on the Opening Float from Spring Time Suprise
  • Lucky Star Characters and Goofy and Donald will be On the Opening Float from Amine Moments on parade


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