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Through Out the Year(Expect Halloween Season),They Said That Dressing Up as A Anime Character wont be Allowed Entry to the Park


  • During 14th July a Hen Do got Kicked Out for Dressing up as Pink Ladies because they didn't follow the Rule that Costumes Are Not Allowed anytime but they got T Shirts Underneath


  • During 30th Anniversary Celebrations a 12 Year Old Boy Dressed up as Thor,Hes Ok to wear a Costume at Anime Dreams Sea,When he was trying to enter the Main Park,He was Not Allowed in Because of The Theme Park Character of Thor was in the Park in Tomorrowland,His Family Given 30 Ride Passes while he was Changing out of his Costume
  • On 25th October 2013 During Halloween Season a 16 Year old Girl Dressed up as Elsa From Frozen,Her Cape got Stuck on the Fence During Kiranas Halloween Wish show the Spokesmen of the Park Said "That Long Capes are Not Allowed in Risk of Falling Over",They only allowed to wear cape that Floor Length


  • Just 2 Weeks After the 30th Anniversary Celebrations Ended a Hen Do Dressed up as Disney Princess,The Cast Members spots the Kids having a Photo With Them,The Bride to Be Dressed up as Anna and Her Maid Dressed up as Elsa gets tons of Attention the Spokeswoman Said "We asked the Hen Do to stop having photos with Younger Guests" as they fully aware of Real Life Disney Princess In The Park,They are allowed in a Hour Later in their Normal Clothes
  • As Same at Anime Dreams Sea a 17 Year Old Girl dressed up as Elsa while her 7 Year Old Sister as Anna and Minutes Later she was in White and Blue Shirt and Blue Jeans but Still got her Crown On to


  • During Kiranas Halloween Wish Show a 5 Year Old Girl Fall Over whist watching the Show by wearing a Black Witch Costume,She wasn't Hurt but her costume got caught during the performance the vice President of the park said that "Black Witch Costume is Dangerous even at Night" and the Night After she was Dressed up as Tinkebell and sat in the front row and watch the show


  • On 29th September During Chubbys Not so Scary Halloween Party A 19 Year old Girl Entered the Park as Hizaki and her Sister as Jasmine You from Versailles until 10 Girls dressed up in costumes stopped for a Picture and Minutes After Kiranas Halloween Wish Show ended the Cast Members said she looked too Good Like Female Employer Dressed Up as Hizaki and Jasmine You in Descendant of Roses:The Musical show at Scuzzland(The Musical Played at the same time as Kiranas Halloween Wish)