Anime Dreams Summer Carnival will be held at Anime Dreams Park it will ran from 6th May to 13th July


It will be Called Summer World Cup Carnival includes 15 Floats To Represent Each Country with The song called Stand Up Carnival from 30 DELUX/Replace


  • Opening(Brazil)

Rio/RollerCoaster Tycoon(20th Century Fox),Chubby Chesse,Goofy

  • Float 2(France)

Peppa Pig(In Her France Costume),The Aristocats,Belle and Prince Adam,Remy(Ratatouille)

  • Float 3(UK)

Peter Pan,Mary Poppins,Freddy Fox(In His England Costume),Vampire Knight,

  • Float 4(Germany)

Captain America,Germany(Hetalia),Rebecca Rabbit(In Her Germany Costume)

  • Float 5(Mexico)

Donald Duck,Panchito and José Carioca,Danny Dog(In His Mexican Costume)

  • Float 6(Spain)

Dora The Explorer,Richard Rabbit(In His Spain Costume)

  • Float 7(Japan)

Zoe Zerbra(In Her Japan Costume),Sailor Moon,Naruto

  • Float 8(USA)

Perdro Pony(in his USA Costume),Jersey Boys(In Their Musical Red Coats),Iron Man,Woody,Jessie,Franklin,Tevour and Michael

  • Float 9(Greece)

Thor,Loki,Odin,Frigga,Emonand Elephant(In His Greece Costume)

  • Float 10(Russia)

George Pig(In His Russin Costume),Niko Belic,Roman Belic

  • Float 11(Portugal)

Anna and Elsa,Portugal(Hetalia),Ariel and Prince Eric

  • Float 12(Netherlands)

Suzy Sheep(In Her Netherlands Costume),Rapunzel and Flynn Rider,Sofia The First

  • Float 13(Switzerland)

Candy Cat(In Her Switzerland Costume),Switzerland(Hetalia) and Snow White

  • Finale(Its A Small World)

Rock of Ages,Cinderella,Alice in Wonderland,My Little Pony,Sleeping Beauty,Ouran High school Host Club


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