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Arizona Adventure (Formerly known as Six Flags Arizona Adventure from 1992-2006) is an amusement park in Phoenix, Arizona owned by Cedar Fair. The park opened in 1976 and instantly became a hit with locals and residents living in Arizona. In August 1991, The park was sold to Six Flags and the following year was renamed Six Flags Arizona Adventure with characters themed around DC Comics and Looney Tunes coming to the park. However due to Six Flags‘s financial troubles in 2006 and despite being a decent sized park, The park was put up for sale on June 3, 2006 with corporate rival Cedar Fair buying the park alongside with the 5 Paramount parks. As part of an agreement made with Six Flags And Cedar Fair, Six Flags continued to operate the park until the closing day of the 2006 season with Cedar Fair immediately taking ownership of the park the day after closing day. During the 2006-2007 offseason, All references to Looney Tunes, DC Comics, and Cartoon Network were remove and “Six Flags” being dropped from the park’s name. The Peanuts were introduced to the park in 2009 with the addition of Planet Snoopy. The park also has a water park named Soak City (Formerly known as Hurricane Harbor from 1998-2006, And Hurricane Hannah‘s from 2007-2009).

Current Coasters

Name Year Type Manufacturer Description
Silver Bullet 1976 Wood PTC Classic wooden coaster
Coal Mine 1976 Steel Arrow Dynamics Classic Arrow mine train
Corkscrew 1980 Steel Arrow Dynamics Classic Arrow Corkscrew
Nighthawk 1992 Steel Arrow Dynamics Arrow Suspended Coaster. Formerly Batman Knight Flight from 1992-2006.
Blizzard 1997 Steel Premier Rides Premier Rides shuttle coaster that goes 70 MPH. Formerly known as Mr. Freeze from 1997-2006 and is a clone of the ones in Missouri and Texas.
Invertigo 1999 Steel Vekoma Vekoma Invertigo. Formerly known as Two-Face: The Flip Side from 1999-2006. Repainted Aquamarine with blue supports in 2012 to match Kings Island‘s Invertigo and Dorney Park’s now defunct Stinger.
Woodstock Express 1999 Steel Vekoma Vekoma family coaster. Formerly known as RoadRunner Express from 1999-2006 and Canyon Blast from 2007-2008.
Pantheon 2002 Steel B&M B&M Floorless that stands 165 feet and goes 67 MPH with 7 inversions including a 145 foot loop that was the tallest loop on record until Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Full Throttle opened in 2013. Formerly known as Wonder Woman: The Ride from 2002-2006.
Afterburn 2005 Steel B&M B&M Flying coaster that stands 145 feet and goes 62 MPH.
Anaconda 2008 Steel B&M B&M hyper coaster that stands 227 feet and goes 79 MPH.
Raven 2011 Steel B&M B&M Inverted coaster that stands 173 feet and goes 70 MPH with 6 inversions.
Centurion 2017 Steel B&M B&M Giga that stands 315 feet and goes 93 MPH.
Arizona Rattler 2019 Steel RMC RMC hybrid that stands 184 feet and goes 72 MPH with 4 inversions. RMC conversion of Goliath.