united kingdom

villain penguin-batman goes to england to learn about the british superhero scottman however there are a series of robberies going so he has to team up with scottman in order to stop it


villain killer croc-when batman hears about killer croc in norway he goes there where croc is mind controlling sewer crocodiles to commit robberies


villain two face-batman finds out that two face has taken over berlin city hall


villain joker and harley quinn-batman decides to visit japan however a group of clowns dressed as huns attack japan


villain riddler-batman gets riddles from france so he decides to go to the tower and beat up riddler


villain carmine falcone-batman goes to china where robin is kidnapped by the falcone crime family


villain bane-bane goes back to his native countrey mexico can batman stop him from stealing priceless mexican jewels

villain defeats

  • penguin he gets arrested by the british police
  • killer croc is chased off by the sewer crocodiles
  • two face is stuck in the clock tower and his chased by a hammer
  • joker and harley quinn are beaten up and sent to jail
  • riddler gets arrested
  • carmine falcone falls off a tower and lands in a jail cell
  • bane his venom tubes a cut making him lose power and his arrested
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