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Beat Bugs 4D is an attraction mixed with a 4D film and a motion simulator ride, and is located in Classic Cartoon Lane at Tooniversal inside some Universal parks.

Songs in the Ride

  • Ticket to Ride
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Paperback Writer
  • Love Me Do
  • Eight Days a Week
  • Revolution


Meanwhile, at the garden, there were six bugs: Kumi, the leader of the Beat Bugs, which is also a humanoid ladybug who does martial arts and stuff, Jay, a beetle that sings songs by The Beatles, Crick, a cricket that makes inventions for his Crick-to-calculations, Buzz, a fruit fly who is four years old and usually wears blue flats, Walter the Walrus, and his twin sister, Freda. Walter came first in the 4-D film version, he wants the guests to meet his friends, and his twin sister, Freda. But Buzz hasn't got a chance, and she knows that her blue strap broke, and Jay calls Dr. Robert to repair her shoe. Crick made an invention called Guest Transform-O-Bug 4000. In Motion Simulator mode, Crick transformed the guests into Beat Bugs Reserved Team Members. And the guests followed the Beat Bugs to find a place, and a man can sing a song called "Magical Mystery Tour". After the song, while in 4-D film, the Beat Bugs along with the guests fell on Nature Valley, Buzz still hasn't got a chance her strap broke again, and Jay calls Dr. Robert to repair her shoe again. Walter and his twin sister Freda are singing a song called "Paperback Writer". After the song, a Gigant accidentally kicked the nozzle as the water flows on the ground. In motion simulator mode, the guests followed the Beat bugs on the boat, and after the ride mode, it went back to 4-D Film mode, and Buzz fell into the sewer lid. Jay asks Kumi how many days there are. Kumi and Jay will sing a song called "Eight Days a Week". After the song, Crick held a fishing rod as she grabbed her shoe instead of Buzz. Walter and Freda will have rope instead to get her out. Buzz got kicked by a cow, and her strap broke the third time, and Jay calls Dr. Robert to repair her shoe the third time. By some unlikely chance, Jay will sing a song called "Love Me Do". After the song, Buzz was surrounded by a crab. She takes off her shoe and throws it on a crab, and it's defeated. In Motion Simulator mode, The Beat Bugs (especially Crick) built a new invention called a Guest Transporter, and they sang a song called "Ticket to Ride", as they back to their garden. Back in 4-D film mode, The Beat Bugs are having the final song called "Revolution". And after the song, Crick transformed the guests back to normal, and the curtain closes.