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Bullet Train Ride is a simulator attraction at World Showcase at the Disney Universe Resort.

Ride Summary


Guests walk through Japan and reach a Bullet Train Boarding station. There they board the bullet train.


Guests enter a recreation of the passenger compartment of a Japanese bullet train. Looking out through the oversized faux windows in this passenger car, they are treated to a high-speed travelogue as some of Japan's most beautiful scenery whizzes by the windows. 


Similar to Roger Rabbit's Toontown Trolley, guests will enter a train with big windows. The train is put on a track. Once the ride starts, the train leaves the station and enters a tunnel. Inside the tunnel is a huge curved screen that surrounds the entire field of veiw of the windows. The projected HD images of Japanese scenery will be shown on the screen. To give to sensation of movement, the floor vibrates frequently and the entire vehicle subtly bounces up and down.


  • Saftey restraint: handrails
  • Guests stand throught the entire ride
  • Fastpass available