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Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasters is an interactive motion based dark ride at DisneyQuest.

Ride Summary


The queue winds through a space station and to a boarding area.


Guests enter 2-seater Omnimover vehicles with a steering wheel, gas pedal and a gun. The vehicles enter a room. In the room (animatronic) Buzz Lightyear tells riders Zurg has disguised himself as a guest. Riders must use their guns to shoot anyone who might look suspicious. The vehicle then pulls into a dark room with stars around the walls and ceiling. In this room, 13 vehicles all become able to be driven around by the steering wheel, and the guns become active. The goal is to shoot as many other riders as possible while one guest shoots and the other steers. After 1 minute and 30 seconds of shooting, the steering wheel is disabled and every vehicle enters the own small private room. In the room, guests find themselves in space near a bunch of astroids. Zurg flies past guests and tells them they will never catch him. Buzz tells them to steer their car to dodge astroids and to shoot Zurg with all they got. Guests steer their car to dodge the astroids and try to shoot Zurg. After 2 minutes of chasing him, Zurg finally gets defeated. The vehicles pull out of the room and back into the boarding area. As guests exit the ride, (animatronic) Buzz congratulates guests on defeating Zurg.


Each 2-seater Omnimover vehicle is desgined to look like a small rocket. They each feature a gun, and a steering wheel and gas pedal. There is one scoreboard in each vehicle. The gun projects a bright laser on it's target so riders know what their shooting at. The final scene where riders chase Zurg and dodge astroids and done by motion simualtion and projection. Each of the 13 rooms is a wrap-around 4K dome projection screen containing Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The vehicles are each mounted on a 4-DOF motion base which allows movement corrisponding to the steering wheel. Wind blows in riders faces throughout the entire scene. A burst of air blows past the left side of the riders head when Zurg flies in from the left. When the ship gets extremely close to an astroid, a burst of air comes from the direction the astroid was. When riders defeat Zurg, he blows up into a ball of light. When he explodes, air bursts, strobe lighting, vibration, and leg ticklers are all used on the riders breifly.


  • Saftey Restrain: Seatbelt
  • Fastpass available