The basic ride.

Captain America's Shield Spin is a teacup type ride except you are riding in Captain America's shields. It is in Super Marvel Universe.

Ride Summary

Ride Line

The line is pretty much going around the ride itself. Captain America is speaking over the speakers telling that they must defeat the villain by spinning the shields until they destroy the villians, and explains the safety rules.


The ride is pretty much like the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups from Disneyland. You must keep spinning the mini shield inside the big shield until it goes really fast, then the ride will keep spinning automatically at the rate to avoid spinning to fast and people throwing up. When the ride ends, Captain America says you saved that day and you get off.


The ride's mechanics are the same as most teacup rides, except it is designed to stop accelerating and to keep going automatically at a certain speed. It is made to not go to fast to avoid people getting sick.

Background Information

  • The ride is kind of like a kiddy ride since it doesn't go to fast and the story of it is simple.
  • It is the smallest ride in Super Marvel Universe.
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