Cave of Wonders is a slide dark ride at DisneyQuest.



Guests walk through corridors with wall papers representing scenes from Aladdin. Guests reach the boarding station.


Once at the boarding station, guests are placed on a two-person magic carpet and are asked to buckle their seatbelt. The carpet then goes up a big lift hill. At the top of the lift hill, the Genie tells guests if they want their three wishes, they have to follow him into the cave of wonders. The carpets then make a sharp right turn into the middle of the desert. In front of them is the Cave of Wonders. The carpets slide down into the cave and make some bumpy drops down into the depths of the cave. The carpets make a left turn into a large room with lots of treasures. In that room, the Genie shows up and tells riders that they will never catch him and then he disappears. The carpets enter a large room with a staircase leading to the Genies lamp. The carpets are brought up another lift hill up the staircase and get very close to the lamp. The Genies voice tells riders to go ahead and rub the lamp. But suddenly, the entire room starts shaking and Genie pops out of the lamp and tells riders they have to get out of there. The carpet then goes down a huge 50-foot drop with tons of twists and sharp turns through the cave. The carpet finally stops back in the loading station and guests exit the ride.


Guests exit the ride and enter the post-show area. Lots of touchscreens fill the room. On the screens, guests play a game where the guests make a wish and after answering a few questions, the Genie magically guesses their wish (answers often comedically wrong).


The carpet vehicles are basically just platforms desgined to look likes carpets with two seatbelts and a handlebar. The ride track is similar to one of a waterslide, but with lift hills and no water. The Genie throughout the ride is projected onto projection screens throughout the sets. The entire ride is non-stop, except for when the vehicles reach the lamp, where the vehicles stop moving for 5 seconds. The scene in the desert before entering the cave of wonders is just a large room with wallpaper that looks like a desert. During the scene, hot air is blown onto guests.


  • Saftey Restraint: Seatbelt
  • Fastpass available
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