This is the Storybook Circus Attraction Called Cece's & Rocky's Fun House (Which is Also Called Cece's & Rocky's Big Top Adventure). This Attraction Will Be a Dark Ride with Combine Dark Ride Style of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Monsters Inc: Ride & Go Seek. It Will Be Based on Disney Channel's Show Shake It Up and Other Disney Movies, TV Series and More.


Cece Jones and Rocky Blue is Hosting a Shake It Up Circus Show for All Their Friends from Every Disney Worlds, But the Problem is That the Show Starts in 40 Minutes and They Don't Have Any Props at All and Audiences. So They Take Guests on a Wild Circus Ride Ever, As They Met Old Friends and New Friends. Cece and Rocky with Their New Friends Also Need to Get Back to Shake It Up Circus Before It's Too Late.


Bella Thorne as Cece Jones

Zendaya as Rocky Blue

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rondriguez as Trish

Calum Worthy as Dez

Katie Coruic as Herself

Brenda Song as London Tipton

Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett

Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin

Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin

Haley Joel Osment as Sora

Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck

Bill Farmer as Goofy and Pluto

Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse

Tara Strong as Minnie Mouse

Miley Cyrus as Herself

Demi Lovato as Herself

Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck

Corey Burton as Ludwig Von Drake and Dale

Jason Marsden as Max Goof

Kellie Martin as Roxanne

Tress MacNeille as Chip

John Goodman as Baloo

Jim Cummings as King Louie

Nathan Lane as Timon

Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa

Michael Gough as Zazu


King Louie and Baloo Will Wear Their Outfits from TaleSpin.

Chip & Dale Will Be Wearing Their Clothes from Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers.

There Will Be Some Songs from Shake It Up Including Watch Me, Up Up and Away, TTLYXOX and Something to Dance For Making a Apperance.

Extra Characters Who Appears, But Didn't Speak

Secretary Bird, King Leonidas, The Bear and The Rhino Soccer Player (From Bedknobs and Broomsticks)

Tick Tock the Crocodile (From Peter Pan)

The Penguin Waiters and The Fox (From Mary Poppins)

Evinrude the Dragonfly (From The Rescuers)

Uncle Waldo (From the Aristocats)

Elliott the Dragon (From Pete's Dragon)

Trigger and Nutsy (From Robin Hood)

Characters Who Appears on the Queue Area Posters

Ariel and Her Sisters (Appears on Ariel's Coral Group Poster)

Jose Caroica and Panchito (Appears on Una Fiesta Festiva! Poster)

Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs (Appears on Wolfgang Trio Poster)

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