Its A Parade From Hong Kong Anime Dreams will be Debut on 19th March 2016 in honor of Parks 10 Anniversary Celebrations

The Parade Music will Be Ride Like a Wind from Anchorman 2 Soundtrack with 3 show stops


  • Float 1:Everything is Waiting to Meet You Staring Cubby Chesse,Tinkerbell and Good Fairies
  • Float 2:Channel 4 News(Based on 2013 Film Anchorman 2:The Legend Continues)Staring Ron Burgundy,Champ Kind,Brain Fanntana and Brick
  • Float 3:Tale Old as Time(Based on 1991 Disney Film Beauty and The Beast)Staring Belle,Prince Addam,Miss Potts and Chip
  • Float 4:Avengers(Based on 2012 Disney/Marvel Film Avengers Assemble)Staring Iron Man,Thor,Capatin America,Black Widow,Loki,Hawkeye
  • Float 5:Its Show Time(Based On Musical Films)Staring Moulin Rouge, Rock of Ages and Jersey Boys
  • Float 6:Dragons Meet(Based on an Anime X 1999)
  • Float 7:Host Club(Based on 2006 Anime Ouran Host Club)Staring Host Club
  • Float 8:Letting Go(Based on 2013 Disney Film Frozen)Staring Anna,Elsa and Olaf The Snowman
  • Float 9:Full Moon(Based on 2008 Anime Vampire Knight)
  • Float 10:Masquerade(Based on 2004 Film Phantom of the Opera)
  • Finale:Celebrating The Happily Ever After(Based On Disney Princess)Staring Snow White,Cinderella,Rapunzel,Mulan,Sleeping Beauty


  • Show Stop:Happy From Despicable Me 2

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