Dinosaur Jungle Rapids is a motion simulator at DisneyQuest.

Ride Summary


The queue winds throguh the jungle. Guests eventually reach the boarding station where each is handed a paddle.


Guests enter 1 of 15 small rooms where the ride takes place. Riders enter a dark room with black walls and a large screen in front of a 4-seater raft. Riders enter the raft and the doors close. leaving the 4 riders alone in the raft. Riders paddle the inflatable raft as they make their way down a prehistoric river avoiding dinosaurs.


The four seater rafts are attached to a blue mattress which doubles as a 4-DOF motion base that moves the raft corresponding to what is happening on screen, corresponding to the direction the riders paddle. There are multible special effects throughout the ride. Waves of water are projected onto the mattress to give the effect it is water. Wind and mist blow on guests throughout the ride. Water is occasionally sprayed on riders, and pops of air burst in riders faces. The smell of sea water and fire is visible throughout. Heat is also used during the ride. Cool air blows on guests during parts around ice, and hot air blows during the parts with fire and to simulate Dinosaurs breath. Multicolored strobe lights are used during the ride. Dolby 4K projectors are used and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound speakers are installed into the walls. There is no safety restraint.


  • Saftey restraint: none
  • Fastpass and Single Rider available
  • This is similar to 'Virtual Jungle Cruise' at DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World.
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