The 4th park in Walt Disney Kingdom Resort, this is a water park. Its huge, and its divided into lands which all has impressive water slides.

Lands and Attractions

Mickey's Wave Zone

Mickey's Wave Pool  -Feel the Wave!

Goofy's Wacky Slide -Twist, Twirl and Drop in this Wacky slide!

Donald's Aquaduck - 'Speed through tubes

Minnie's Spinning Splash - Take a wild splashdown!

Tropicalamity Fruit Exports Cargoship

Crush N' Gusher   (Banana Blaster, Pineapple Plunge, Coconut Crusher) - Speed through aboard this Water Coaster!

Mayday Falls - Get spit out from the Tropicalamity boat!

Castaway River (Lazy River) - Float around the waters of Splash Kingdom in this 25 Minute lazy time.

Snowy Peaks

Summit Plummet -Take the biggest drop from the summit of Snowy Peaks. What goes up must come down!

Teamboat Springs -Join a wild voyage through snowy caverns in your Team of 6!

Snowman Falls - For those not able to take on Summit Plummet, Snowman falls is for you!

Icicle Cove - Play in this Cold and Chilly environment aboard floating Icebergs!

Ready, Set, Splash! -Race with your opponent aboard a mini bobsled.

Typhoon Lagoon

Humunga Kowabunga!  -Scream, Humunga Kowabunga in this 10m vertical slide!

Storm Slides -Brave 3 different water slides through rocky Typhoon Lagoon.

Twin Peaks Freefall - Choose wise, and dare to splash!

Ruins of Atlantis

The Trident of Neptune - Spin, Drop, Curve and LOOP! the most thrilling experience in Splash Kingdom!

Poseidon's Wrath -Escape from Poseidon's Wrath in Water Slide style!

Ride of the Dolphin - Slide through Dolphin Aquariums.

Volcanic Peak

Volcanic Vertical' -Slide through Dark Volcanic caverns.

Tubestone Curl -Bump into rocks as you splash and splish!

Water Slides/Pools

LAND 1: Mickey's Wave Zone

Mickey's Wave Zone

Mickey has set up a Wave Pool in his Wave Zone! High tides happen every 10 minutes when Mickey tells guests that "High Tides are Comin!"

Minnie's Spinning Splash

A short tube slide for kids, it has dark caves and its trademark, the Spinning Funnel!

Donald's Aqua Duck

A long tube slide for teenagers, the AquaDuck features transparent tubes and some drops and curves.

Goofy's Wacky Slide

This wacky slide features Camel Backs and steep drops. The splashdown ends up guests getting spit out by a whale!

LAND 2: Tropicalamity Fruit Exports Cargoship

Story: When Mickey and friends shortly opened his water park to the toons, fellow sailor toon, "Loon MonSoon" got too excited,he came to the waterpark with his giant boat! Ofcourse, it crashed. However, Mickey couldn't just demolish MonSoons favorite boat, "Tropicalamity" so he used the belt conveniors used for exporting fruits to ToonTown as a water slide! A new take on the story of WDW's Typhoon Lagoon, this land is all wacky and cartoony.

Crush N' Gusher

Choose your convenior! Banana Blaster, Pineapple Plunge or Coconut Blaster! Slide down conveniors once used for transporting fruit. This water coaster will surely blow your mind!

Mayday Falls

Slide through the remains of Tropicalamity in this body slide! Sights include cargo floating in a body of water, and a finale splashdown from a punctured hole on the boat!

Castaway Rivers

Go Lazy and float around the Tropicalamity, Snowy Peaks, Typhoon Lagoon and Ruins of Atlantis! You can also get a sneak preview of some of the biggest slides!

LAND 3: Snowy Peaks

Summit Plummet

The largest, most steepest slide in the park, slide down a slippery, snowy stunt drop.

Ready, Set, Splash!

Race with your opponent inside a steep tube.

Teamboat Springs

Sail with your companions aboard round boats. Sights include a snowy dungeon, a destroyed igloo.

Snowman Falls

This slide is scary folks, it slides like a whip, and drops like a bee.

Icicle Cove

Let kids have fun in this Icy cave with fun stuff!

LAND 4: Typhoon Lagoon

Humunga Kowabunga

Scream, in this dark steep slide through bat caves!

Storm Slides

Choose from three slides.

Twin Peaks Freefall

This slide lets you dash through the mountain of Typhoon Lagoon!

LAND 5: Ruins of Atlantis

The Trident of Neptune

With a 360 Loop, guests slide through golden tubes that resemble the Tridents of Neptune.

Poseidons Wrath

Feel the anger of Poseidon and escape his wrath aboard slides.

Ride of the Dolphin

Take a dive through a lagoon where dolphins swim and sharks meander. In Ride of the Dolphin, guests slide through a Dolphin Lagoon. Meanwhile, at Shark Encounter, guests can swim through Shark Lagoon, filled with scary, but not carnivorous sharks.

LAND 6: Volcanic Peak

Volcanic Vertical

Slide through the dark inside Volcanic Peak.

Tubestone Curl

Speed through rocks.


The Snowy Cove

Tropicalamity Fruits and Drinks

Atlantis: Family Restaurant


Tropical Janes

Aunt Mahalo's Hawaiian Shack

Mickey's Pool Fun

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