Disney New York Resort (shortly known as DNYR)  is a fictional theme park Disney Parks resort entertainment resort located in Lower Manhattan, New York, USA it is owned and operated by Walt Disney Company through its Parks and Resorts division and is home three theme parks,entertainment complex,two water parks, 10 themed resorts (excluding eight more that are on-site but not owned by the Walt Disney Company), two spas and fitness centers and five golf courses. 
Disney New York Resort Logo

The resort opened on June 10, 1991.

The Complex 

Theme Parks:

  • Disneyland New York - The main theme park of the resort and similar to the Disneyland in California.Opened on June 05,1991.
  • Disney Quest New York - An indoor theme park similar to the former one in Orlando opened on May 25,1999. 
  • Walt Disney's Hollywood Studios New York  -  a movie studio based theme park.opened on March 21,2001.(Formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios New York from 2001 - 2008)
  • New York Disneysea-a port based theme park.opened on April 18,2010
  • Water Parks:


  • Disneyland New York Resort - TBA Opened on June 05,1991.
  • Disney's Art of Animation New York - TBA Opened on June 18, 2014
  • Disney’s PIXAR Resort - A Pixar themed hotel Opened on July 22,2017
  • Disney's Pop Century Resort New York - TBA Opened on July 4, 2004
  • Walt Disney's Hollywood Studios Hotel - TBA Opened on March 21,2001
  • Buena Vista Resort Hotel - TBA Opened on June 05,1991.
  • DoubleTree Suites - A clone of the one at Orlando Opened on June 05,1991.
  • Disney's Grand New York Resort & Spa - TBA Opened on March 21,2001
  • Shades of Green New York - TBA Opened on June 05,1991.

Downtown Disney Manhattan

A New York version of Downtown Disney contains 2 floors with stores, restaurants, entertainments, and night clubs. Opened on June 05,1991.
Downtown Disney New York Logo 1996

Current Shops

  • Pop Gallery - TBA Opening Date: July 20,1997
  • Planet Hollywood On Location - A shop in Planet Hollywood Opening Date: July 20,1995
  • Mickey's Groove - Disney character merchandise Opening Date:July 20,1997.
  • New York Harley Davidson - TBA Opening Date: July 20,1997
  • Disney's Pin Traders - A Disney pin store Opening Date: June 05,1991
  • Build-A-Wild® by Build-A-Bear Workshop - A wild themed version of Build-A-Bear Workshop located inside Rainforest Cafe Opening Date: April 24, 1999
  • Walt Disney Store - A Disney Themed Store Opening Date: June 05,1991
  • World of Disney - A Disney themed store Opening Date: June 05,1991
  • LEGO Store - A LEGO Store. Opening Date: June 10, 1991
  • Something Silver- Jewelry and more.
  • Hoypoloi- Contemporary three-dimensional art shop
  • Guitar Gallery- By George's Music
  • Magic Masters-Spellbinding gifts and magic demonstrations
  • Cirque Du Soleil Boutique- Cirque Du Soleil-themed keepsakes
  • D Street- Cutting-edge apparel,pop culture novelties,Vinylmation figurines and other collectibles
  • Sosa Family Cigars- Premium smoke shop

Current Dining

  • ESPN Zone - A ESPN themed restaurant Opening Date: July 5, 2000. Type: Quick service
  • Chili's - The flagship location of Chili's that features seats over 1000 people at a time. Opening Date: December 23, 1992 Type: Casual dining
  • Rainforest Cafe - A Rainforest themed restaurant Opening Date: April 24, 1999 Type: Casual dining.
  • Burger King - TBA Opening Date: August 5, 2011. Type: Casual dining
  • Wolfgang Puck Cafe - TBA Opening Date: July 20,1997 Type: Casual dining
  • Chuck E. Cheese's - an arcade center, pizzeria and a birthday restaurant, which solely aimed at children under age of 14 with families. Opening Date: July 20,1997 Type: Quick service
  • Bongo's Cuban Cafe - TBA 'Opening Date: July 20,1997 Type: Casual dining
  • Planet Hollywood - a theme restaurant inspired by the popular portrayal of Hollywood. Opening Date: July 20,1995
  • McDonald's
  • TBA You Can Add More If You Want !

Current Snacks & Drinks

  • Jamba Juice - TBA Opening Date: May 4, 1992.
  • Wetzel's Pretzels - TBA Opening Date: May 12, 1994.
  • Disney's Candy Cauldron - TBA  Opening Date: June 05,1991.
  • TBA You Can Add More If You Want !

Current Entertainment

  • 25 AMC Theater - Disney New York - a movie theater, presented by AMC Theater. Opening Date: August 10,1994
  • House Of Blue's - TBA Opening Date: July 20,1997
  • Chuck E. Cheese's - an arcade center, pizzeria and a birthday restaurant, which solely aimed at children under age of 14 with families.'Opening Date: 'July 20,1997
  • Rainforest Cafe River Adventure Ride - An indoor dark boat ride as an adjustment to Rainforest Case. 'Opening Date: 'April 24, 1999 Trivia: This is the same as the one in Galveston, Texas.
  • La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil - TBA 'Opening Date: 'December 23, 1998
  • Splitsville Luxury Lane - TBA 'Opening Date: 'December 23, 2011
  • T-REX Experience - A simulator/dark ride Opening Date: August 5,2011
  • Walt Disney Grand Theater - An Art Deco Theater that hosts the Jungle Book musical. Opening Date: June 10, 1991
  • TBA You Can Add More If You Want !

Former Shops

  • Virgin Megastore - A Mega music store themed to music Opening Date: July 20, 1997. Note: On June 29th, 2018, Virgin discontinued its megastore chains. Due to this, it closed on December 14th, 2018 to be re-themed to Electronic City, an electronics megastore/exhibit which opened February 3rd, 2019.
  • TBA You Can Add More If You Want !

Former Dining

  • TBA You Can Add More If You Want !

Former Snacks & Drinks

  • TBA You Can Add More If You Want !

Former Entertainment

  • TBA You Can Add More If You Want !

Hotels and Resorts

  • TBA.





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