This is the script for the update version of this show.


  • Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to The Magical World of Disney on Ice!
  • Minnie: Aha! Maybe our friends would like to be part of the show too.
  • Donald: You bet!
  • Mickey: That's a great idea, Minnie. So listen folks, we're gonna do the march one more time, so I want everybody out there to really sing along.
  • Minnie: Everyone, stand up!
  • Minnie: And now our parade is almost complete.
  • Jiminy: But you know, somebody is still missing.
  • Minnie: Oh, Jiminy!
  • Jiminy: Everybody's favorite mouse, Mickey!
  • Mickey: Oh gosh, this has really been a swell celebration, hasn't it, Minnie?
  • Minnie: Oh Mickey, it's been wonderful!
  • Mickey: And thank you for making our circle of life complete. Haha!
  • (While "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" plays, the cast gets to shake hands with the audience at the end of the rink in about a few minutes. After that, they leave entering the middle door of the castle before Mickey and Minnie leave.)
  • Mickey: Well, haha! So long folks!
  • Minnie: Goodbye everyone! (gives a goodbye kiss) Remember we love you! Buh-bye!
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