Festival of Melodies parade

This parade is a mix of the Soundsational parade and the Disney Dance Express. The parade will be more of a parade than a show as Disney Dance Express. The first float will be very similar to the first float of Soundsational parade. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto, Chip and Dale or on this float playing music and waving at the guests.

Songs: - Sorcerer's apprentice - Mickey Mouse March - Goofy's theme - Minnie's theme - Donald's theme - Pluto's theme - Daisy's theme - Chip and Dale's theme

The second unit is the Aristocats unit.

This unit will have a float with giant instruments where the cats play on. The cats will sing and dance all around the float. See Marie, Thomas, Duchess, Toulouse, Berlioz and Roquefort.

Songs: - Everybody wants to be a cat - Scales and Arpeggios - Thomas o Malley song - Aristocats

The next unit is the Hercules unit.

The unit will feature Hercules, Megara, Phil, Pegasus and the muses on a cloud singing the songs. The float will look like a Greek paradise with clouds. Zeus AA will be present which is similar to King Triton from paint the Night.

Songs: - Go the distance - Zero to hero - A star is born - I won't say - One last Hope - The Gospel Truth

The Lilo and Stitch unit will have Lilo and Stitch on a tropical island. Luau dancers will be seen around the float. Stitch will be an AA. A few other experiments can be found as well. Jumba and Pleakly will be on a mini float.

Songs: - Hawaiian rollercoaster ride - He mele no Lilo - Devil in disguise - Aloha oe - Burning love - Aloha e komo mai - Jailhouse rock

The villains unit will feature a few villains that sing their villainous songs. Join the villains in this twisted dark boo boo boogie.

Songs: - Be prepared - Cruella de vil - Friends on the other side - Gaston - Hellfire - Mother knows best - Poor Unfortunate souls

Then you will see the Pinocchio unit

float will be very similar to the float from the parade of dreams. See Pinocchio and his puppet friends dance and sing to some of your favorite songs.

Songs: - Little wooden head - When you wish upon a star - I've got no strings - Give a little whistle - Hi-diddle- dee- dee

The Love unit will be similar to the old princess float from once upon a dream parade. The float will have some of Disney's greatest couples on it.

Songs: - I see the light - So this is love - Once upon a dream - Someday my prince will come - Beauty and the beast - Bella notte - Part of your world - Belle Evengaline - Whole new world - Can you feel the love tonight

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