Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Room is a Tiki Room styled attraction located in Villains Land at Disney California Adventure.

Queue and Pre-Show

As the guests wait outside, animatronic versions of Frog Tiana and Frog Naveen locked in a cage warn guests not to give in to Facilier's charms.


As guests enter the building the cast member welcomes the guests as Facilier's shadow pops up and Facilier's voice is heard saying "Ladies and gentlemen, enchente' a tip of the hat from Dr. Facilier." as an animatronic Facilier comes out of the floor he starts the show by waking up the voodoo maks and the shrunken heads and singing a short version "Friends On The Other Side" after the song ends he welcomes you to the show and then sings "Pure Imagination" after the other song ends, two cast members dressed as Naveen and Tiana attempt to stop Facilier but are turned into frogs in the process. Louis and Ray try to rescue them, but are stopped by the shadows. Facilier then sings "Master Of Your Fate" from Teen Titans, as he performs his voodoo magic on Naveen, Tiana, Ray, and Louis.After he makes them disappear, he sings "Dancing With Myself" with the help of his shadows. After this, Facilier tells the audience to stand up and says he will perform magic by making the doors open by themselves and make the audience disappear. As the audience prepares to leave, Facilier and the shadows sing a reprise of "Friends On The Other Side" as Facilier goes into the floor. Once the majority of the guests have left the theater, the Shadow of Facilier waves goodbye.

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