This park is the only Disney theme park in Dubai. Its name comes from Disney's and his fellow studio friends greatest stories. The land features 22 themed areas.


Port Mediterranea:

Gondola river ride

Discovery island:

Journey to the center of the Earth

20,000 leagues under the sea


World of Steam

Around the world in 80 days

Volo de DaVinci

5 weeks in an air balloon

From the Earth to the Moon

Magneta coaster

Professor McLean's flymachines

Carousel of Progress

Voyage of Charles Darwin

The Lost Kingdom of Anandapur:

Mischevious jungle river

Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Garuda's flight


Raging Spirits

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Guardian of Thunder

Kuzco's groovey river


Loco Loco Quetzal

Storybook Realm:

Hundred acre wood:

Pooh's hunny hunt


Tigger's bouncy spot


Mad hatter's tea party

Alice in Wonderland

Alice's curious labyrinth

Storybook Circus:

Dumbo the flying elephant

Dumbo's big top

Casey junior train

Circus balloons

The Enchanted Forest and Evil Queen's castle:

Snow White's scary adventure

Seven Dwarfs mine train

Return of the queen

Belle's village and enchanted castle:

Enchanted castle tour

Tale as old as time

Mrs Potts' dancing cupboard

Eric's castle and under the sea:

Under the sea- Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Scuttle's scooters

Octopus spin

Shark attack!

Under the sea

Arendelle and the Northern mountain:

Frozen bobsleigh

Frozen on stage

Kristoff's sleigh journey

Frozen chat with Olaf


Lost boys catapult

Little buccaneers

Neverland sea battle

Pixie hollow:

Tinkerbells magical journey

Pixie hollow pond

Rosetta's flower bounce

The Enchanted tree trunk

Pinocchio village and pleasure island:

Pinocchios daring journey

Monstros revenge

Pleasure screamin

Donkey carousel

Donkey bumper carts

Corona, Snuggly Duckling and Tangled Tower:

Tangled tales

Tangled: A Hairy Tale

Cinderella chateau, Cinderella's village and King's castle:

Jaq and Gus' great adventure

Cinderella story

Pumpkin carriage

Sleeping beauty castle, Forbidden mountain and Three fairies cottage:

Sleeping Beauty

Escape from the Forbidden mountain

Flight of the three fairies


Black cauldron river adventure

Gwythaint flight

Black Cauldron the show

Notre Dame Courtyard:

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Festival of Fools

Clopins puppet show


Mr. Toads wild ride

Rattys pond

Nottingham and Sherwood forest:

Robin Hood's arrow battle

Prince Johns Carriage


Peter Pans flight

Mary Poppins Jolly holiday

101 Dalmatians: puppy rescue

Cruella's motor car mania

Jolly holiday park:

Jolly holiday horses

Camelot and Merlin's cottage:

Sword in the stone

Merlin's magical room

Wizard duel


Aladdins arabian nights

Genie's wish

Sinbad's seven voyages

Jasmine's flying carpets

Roc's flight

American waterfront:

The Twilight zone Tower of Terror


The Haunted Mansion

The American Adventure

America Sings

Golden Mickeys

Marvel Superhero city:

Hulk's tram

Avengers rescue

Guardians of the Galaxy

Big hero 6

Doctor Octopus' wrath

Spider Mans city adventure


Hall of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxies:

Storm trooper training

Mos eisley pod racer

Star tours the adventure continues

Battle of Hoth

Otoh Gunga Submarine Voyage

The Trench Run

Speeder bike race

Jedi Academy

Battle of the fates

Pandora: The Planet of Avatar:

Flight of the Banshee

Avatar program center

Helicopter flight

Pandora River Journey

Polynesian Island:

Experiment encounter

Lilo and Stitch cousin catchers


The Enchanted Tiki Room

Mount Pele

Kanaloa falls

The Kingdom of Dawn:

Timon and Pumbaas Safari tours

Legend of the Lion King

Sabor's attack

Tarzans tree vines

Bully the crocs

Hyena madness

The African queen

Festival of the Lion King

The Middle Kingdom:

Red Dragon

China Voyager

Mulans journey

Legendary rikshaw

Temple of Yama Raja

The New World:

Pocahontas' just around the riverbend

Brother bear mountain

Spirit of the Wild

The Fox and the Hound

Splash mountain

Pixar playland:

Toy story mania

Buzz lightyear's space ranger spin

Stinky Pete's crazy mine

Woody's roundup

Toy soldier parachute drop

RC Racer

Little green men rescue of the spinning planet

Slinky dog zigzag spin

Radiator springs racer

Mater's junkyard jamboree

Luigi's flying tires

Cars rescue show

Piston Peak River Raft

Planes fire rescue

Ratatouille kitchen calamity

Monsters inc mike and sulley to the rescue

MU scare simulator

Monsters university comedy laugh floor

Nemo's troublemaking misadventures

Mr Rays swim away

Fishy talk with Dory

Crush turtle twirling coaster


Carl's flyers

It's tough to be a bug

Hopper s hoppers

Heimlichs chew chew train

Rosies web

Incredibles adventure

Return to Syndromes island

Omnidroid spin

Wall-e adventure

Pirate bay:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Seven Seas

Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow

Treasures of the Seven seas

Heroes of the Caribbean stunt show


Hercules the mighty hero

Pegasus flight

Fantasia river

Quest for the unicorn

Rise of the Phoenix

Voyage to Atlantis

Atlantic library

The heart of Atlantis


Plane crazy

Fire fighters

Mickey's greatest

Trolley troubles

Lonesome manor

Roger Rabbit's car toon spin

Baby Hermans runaway babby buggies

Steamboat willie

Oswalds movie adventure

Sci-fi city:

Tron lightcycle power run

Alien portal


Race to witch mountain

Treasure planet

Mission Space

Space Mountain

Rocketeer Rods

Mars needs moms

Highlands kingdom:

Loch ness


Angus archery trail

Merida's highland legend

Scream of the Banshee

Mystic Point:

Enchanted gardens

Mystic manor

Illusion palace

Tim Burton Alleys:

Willy Wonka chocolate river

James and the giant peach

The nightmare before Christmas

Alice in Wonderland

Frankenweenie horror

Corpse bride

The Sleepy Hollow

Oogie Boogie's game

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