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Ellen's Energy Adventure is a 45-minute multi-media attraction at Disney Universe Fantasy Kingdom.

Ride Summary


Guests enter a big room with 5 screens. They view an eight minute film in which Ellen DeGeneres falls asleep and dreams that she is in an energy-themed version of Jeopardy!, playing against an old rival Judy Peterson (portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis) and Albert Einstein. Initially, Ellen does not know about energy.


Upon entering the theatre, guests are seated in one of six seating areas. Here, the theater turns to face the doors, and a six minute film is shown in which Bill Nye takes Ellen back billions of years in time to witness the Big Bang and then into a prehistoric jungle where he explains the formation of fossil fuels.

Primeval Diorama

At the conclusion of the film, the entire theatre seating area turns to the rising curtain, and moves into the primeval diorama. Here, the theatre seating breaks up into six multi-passenger vehicles that take guests on a seven minute journey through the diorama, which is populated by numerous animatronic dinosaurs including an Edaphosaurus and a family of Brachiosaurus in a swamp (one of whom sneezes water onto guests), a Stegosaurus fighting a Megalosaurus on an overhead cliff, several Trachodonbathing beneath a waterfall, a number of Ornithomimus drinking from a pond (one of whom spits water at guests), an Audio-Animatronic Ellen fighting off an Elasmosaurus with a tree branch, and numerous Pteranodon perched around an erupting volcano.

Theatre II Film

Leaving the diorama, the vehicles enter a second theatre where they reassemble back into their original theatre seating formation. After listening to a brief prehistoric broadcast from KNRG News Radio, guests view a twelve minute live-action film in which Ellen and Bill Nye take an in-depth look at various current and future energy resources.

Theatre I Finale Film

At the conclusion of the film, the entire seating area moves back into Theatre I and rotates back into its starting position, The final 2-minute segment presents the end of Ellen's dream, in which she uses her new knowledge about energy to unseat Judy as Jeopardy! champion.