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FiddleGriff Metazoa (formerly Universal Metazoa or shortly Metazoa) is a fanon chain of FiddleGriff Parks, owned by FiddleGriff Animation and Cedar Fair and located in worldwide. It is a zoological and marine theme park that is themed to animal conservation, which consists of animal exhibits, rides, attractions and entertainments, some are original and some that're based on popular properties and characters from Universal and its rivals which involved animals and other creatures.

It is equivalent of Disney's Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Florida and possibly SeaWorld Entertainment theme parks.

Theme Parks

Metazoa mascots/icons

Mother Metazoa

Mother Metazoa is a official mascot for FiddleGriff’s Metazoa chain.

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Hopgoblin is the official mascot for FiddleGriff Parks.

Peck the Spider Raven

Peck the Spider Raven is a icon for the parks' Halloween event.

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Sister parks and successors

Outside from FiddleGriff’s Metazoa chain, there are some other Universal theme parks that contains zoological-themed attractions and lands, which're the successors of the chain.



  • FiddleGriff Engineering and Design Group, a division of Universal Creative responsible for designing animal exhibits and attractions mainly for the Metazoa chain and other Cedar Fair and FiddleGriff theme parks.
  • The Metazoa Educational Experience (UMEX), the series of educational programs exclusively at the Metazoa theme parks, which is aimed at guests, from preschool to up, to experience the knowledge of conservation and environments of wildlife and nature.
  • Cedar Fair Metazoa Conservation Fund, a fountain encourage people for helping and caring for animals worldwide.

Disney's Animal Kingdom vs. SeaWorld parks vs. Metazoa Trivia

Disney's Animal Kingdom SeaWorld Entertainment Universal Metazoa
Disney's Animal Kingdom dose contains real animals Same as SeaWorld parks So as Universal Metazoa
Disney's Animal Kingdom is a real world park Same as SeaWorld parks Universal Metazoa is fanon (although we wish if that would be real in some point)
Disney's Animal Kingdom is only one park in reality SeaWorld has its chain of animal parks in reality Universal Metazoa is the same as SeaWorld, but it's only fanon
Disney's Animal Kingdom dose not have attractions involving pets (e.g. cats and dogs), although that is you didn't count on the Affection Section attraction which is ontaining goats, llamas, etc., they're just livestocks SeaWorld parks has only a pet show involving cats, dogs, etc. Universal Metazoa contians PETopia which is focused on people's knowledge of both pets and livestocks
TBA TBA Universal Metazoa's lands are in clockwise order like Islands of Adventure
Disney's Animal Kingdom has Tree of Life as the park's icon, located inside the park TBA Universal Metazoa chain has the giant statue of Mother Metazoa holding on the earth with "Universal Metazoa" logo, located at the enterance plaza of the park
Disney's Animal Kingdom dose has some attractions that're based Disney's IPs and only one licensed IP Although SeaWorld Entertainment is not known for movie and television based attractions, it dose however licensed some of the IPs, including Sesame Street, especially when it already got Sesame Place, but it's not an animal theme park Universal Metazoa is like any other Universal parks, which known for attractions based on both Universal's own IPs and licensed IPs, so the park dose have some attractions based on them
Disney's Animal Kingdom dose has some attractions themed to dinosaurs and prehistoric life, but it's not only animal park that has that, because believe it or not, other animal parks and zoos has their own dinosaur attractions too. Confused? Look those up please. SeaWorld dose not have any dinosaur-themed attractions, just yet we hope Universal Metazoa defiantly has dinosaur-themed attractions like Disney's Animal Kingdom, but they're based Jurassic Park, King Kong, The Croods, Ice Age, etc.
Disney's Animal Kingdom originally planned to build Beastly Kingdom, which would of focused on myhtical creatures like dragons and unicorns, until it was cancelled Busch Gardens parks has its own dragon-themed attraction called Dragon Land, which is a juvenile play area, and even one in Tampa used to until it got replaced Universal Metazoa parks has Forbidden Forest section, which is based on Harry Potter series
Although Disney's Animal Kingdom already has attractions based on Disney animal characters, it didn't have any areas dedicated to animals in show business and pop culture SeaWorld dose not either Universal Metazoa has Animal Starland which is without a doubt themed and dedicated to animals in show business and pop culture
Disney's Animal Kingdom dose not have a marine animal-themed area or aquariums with sea animals like dolphins, sea fishes, sharks, seals, etc., only Epcot has SeaWorld and Busch Gardens has both land and marine animal-themed attractions separately Universal Metazoa has both land and marine animal-themed attractions together
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