The Park

Filmland is a theme park based in Orlando FL and is themed around certain famous genres of movies. Unlike parks such Disneyland and Universal Studios, it is not based on one specific company that creates films. Instead, it celebrates movies and tv shows as a whole and focuses on movies and movie series that have left a mark on cinemas and pop culture.

Goal of the Park

The goal of Filmland is to invoke nostalgia in amusement park visitors of classic movies and old attractions as well as new shows and movies. The park is designed similar to that of Universal Studios FL on opening day, with a good sense of theming as well as a behind the scenes kind of feeling.

“Filmland is dedicated to visitors who enjoy the more practical themes of amusement parks, as well as a Hollywood type of feeling. It is meant to thrill guests of old and new, with themes that everyone will enjoy. You are the star! These are your movies!” -wikiStinson (park creator).

Main Parks

Other Sections of the Park

  • Red Carpet Hotel
  • Water Park (TBD)
  • Boardwalk & Pier (TBD)
  • Parking Lot

Opening Day

June 25, 2019

Park Hours

Normal Days: 9:00am-10:00pm

Holidays: 10:00am-8:00pm

Special Events : 8:00am-12:00pm 

Aspects of the Park 


New Additions  




  • Despite guest rumors surrounding the layout of the Park, Universal Studios and Filmland are not complete rivals, but instead in a mutual agreement. Filmland is allowed to use movie and film genres Universal would have liked to include, but never got the chance to. Also, Filmland is allowed to borrow, revamp, or use any ideas Universal had, but could not accomplish for whatever reason.  
  • The relationship between Filmland and Universal Studios was made when Universal noticed that the Walt Disney Theme Park Industry was outnumbering them across the globe, so Filmland was approved if it would help Universal expand their parks. Filmland is also known as the more mature Park to Universal, adding more adult and teen themes and attractions.  
  • To help the merger, Steven Spielberg asked a few of his director friends if they would like to donate their themes to the Park, such as Joe Dante, the Duffer Bro., Wes Craven, Chris Columbus, and more. 
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