Gonzo and Camilla's Cannon Coaster is a steel roller coaster at Muppet Studios.

Ride layout and experience

The ride begins after your Gonzo is dispatched from either of two loading zones which merge at a track switch. After the switch, the track banks left and stops on a flat section of track.. After a short wait dictated by the location of the previous Gonzo on the track,An audio animatronic Camilla the Chicken , who clucks at you as the train passes by (although if you are on the second dispatched car, the vehicle will stop while an animatronic Kermit gives a speech, informing you that The Great Gonzo (your train) will be launched from before allowing the Gonzo to pass).Guests enter a dark tunnel where Gonzo's voice is heard yelling "Launch me Camilla!".Camilla's voice is heard clucking and the sounds of a sizzle is heard.Then suddenly, a ka-boom is heard and your vehicle is launched.the train launches up the coaster's first hill. The train drops below another section of track and banks to the right traveling through the ride's first brake run. This is followed by another 180 degree right turn and sudden descent followed by a banked turn to the left. Momentum at this point carries the train up the coaster's largest lift hill before LIM's take over to carry the trains the remaining distance to the crest. At 120 feet (37 m), this is the highest point of the coaster from which the track drops steeply and curves left, followed by a quick incline to the right and another 180 degree turn. In preparation for the ride's single loop, the train travels through a set of brakes .A wide U-turn to the right leads into a small climb and another brake run. Here a straight section of track along the front of the coaster's length contains a series of dips and rises known as "bunny hops" or "bunny hills" which create significant air time for riders. Another brake zone sends the train down and to the left past the off ride camera which is positioned in a helix the train makes several sharp turns into several signs advertising The Muppet Show with Gonzo shaped holes in them. After the turns, the roller coaster ends with a series of brake runs intended to hold trains in case of a backup at the station. Back at the station, the train is either sent left or right to one of the platforms.

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