Haunted Hotel is a hotel near Disney Universe Fantasy Kingdom at the Disney Universe Resort.

Hotel Summary

The hotel is heavily themed to the Haunted Mansion. The exterior is designed to look like the building housing the Haunted Mansion ride. The interior lobby and first floor of the hotel looks like the inside of the ride, with tons of cobwebs, scary decorations, and ghost sounds. The hotel has a pool with 4 pitch-black-dark slides and on open-aired slide. It has 1,000 rooms and 100 suites.

Hotel Features

To get to the rooms on the upper floors, guests enter an elevator, which is very similar to the stretching room of the Haunted Mansion. The elevator ride last 60 seconds (same length no matter what floor guests are traveling to) and contains a short (less scary) version of the stretching room show. The show uses illusions, projection screens, and strobe lighting. Each elevator can hold 15 people. If there are multible people in an elevator at once, all traveling to different floors, the show plays using a different format. The 1 minute show plays and then the elevator reaches the first floor a guest needs to travel to. Then it delivers the remaining guests to their designated floors while "Grim Grimming Ghosts" plays. If guests wish not to expirience the stretching room, they can take a regular elevator.

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