Hollywood Studios major expasion

Phase 1

Hollywood BLVD,

The great movie ride closing and to replace inside will show disney classics new disney movies pixar movies and disney channel orignal movie.

Indianna Jones epic stunt spectacular closing taking its spot will become Indianna Jones Adventuers the ride at disneyland comes here.

Star tours and Indiana jones adventer will now become Lucas Land

Phase 2

Streets of America

Muppet Vison 3D will join the all new Muppet Studios Park

Mama Melroses Risonte Italonon will move to Italy in the worldshowcase a new resturant replacing it is Swedish Chef Resturant where kids can watch Swedish Chef makie there food

Muppet Soundstage will be a big Muppet Meombrilia Museum

And expoer your favorite muppets trailers Kermit, Fozzi, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and animal

Phase 3

Sunset BLVD.

A new entarce to get there will be opening

The red car trolley comes east to travel around the whole park enter the attraction by the Rock "n" rollercoaster

Spiderman Swing spectacular will replace a abadod parking lot spidy battle greene goblin Dr. oc Venom and Sandman in this live stunt show

Phase 4

Pixar Place

Honey, I shrunk the kids movie set adventuer will become a bugs life shrunk down to the size of a bug adventuer

the studio backlot tour is closing the bulding to enter will become UP carls great mission a attraction inspierd by Peter Pans Flight this takes you through the story of up

The lot behind Toy Story Mania will close and replacing it will be Monsters inc doorway run away this is a rollercoaster help sulley and mike save boo from randle the ride is in a bulding that looks like Monster inc factory

Phase 5

Cars Land

Lights Motor Action Studio Backlot tour and a parking lot will close and cars land comes to flordia everything from the california adventuer version comes to flordia including a new attraction Sarges bootcamp a daring camp hosted by sarge

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