This is Hong Kong Disneyland resort's new second gate. It is based of the adventures in disney movies and history. It features 20 themed areas.


Museum of Exploration will be the main street usa of this park. Every area is connected to this area. It is connected by a gallery with artifacts and art of the place which you'll visit. Every area has its own gate which hints to the land you're going.

The Desert Kingdom:

Aladdin's arabian nights

Camel ride

Oasis splash

Ali Baba's cave

Jasmine's flying carpets

The Dawn Kingdom:

Africa wilderness jeeps

Legend of the Lion King

Tarzan's two worlds one family

Just can't wait to be king spin


Scar's return

The Eastern Kingdom:

Mulan's quest for the reflection

Temple of Yama

Legendary rickshaw

Voyages of Admiral Zeng He

The Kingdom of the Sun:

Kuzco's groovey river

Lama spin


El Dorado

Spirit of Adventure

Carl's flyers

The three caballeros

The Lost Kingdom of Anandapur:

Expedition Everest

Jungle Book

King Louie's Temple

Ganesha's palace

The Kingdom of the Forbidden Eye:

Indiana Jones and the temple of the forbidden eye

adventure jeeps

Ganges river

The Western Kingdom:

Tale as old as time

Maurice's crazy cups

Sleeping Beauty

Dreams come true with Cinderella

Tangled: a hairy tale

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Ratatouille Adventure

Grimms library

The Flying Dutchman

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Quasimodo's tower drop

The Aristocats

Shadow towers

The Nordic Kingdom:

Kristoff's sleigh journey

Pabbie's snow boogie



Frozen on stage

Journey of the Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersen's flying trunk

Flynn's river rescue

The Slavic Kingdom:

The Polynesian Kingdom:

Stitch's spaceship


Enchanted tiki room

Mount Pele

Oro river

Lilo and Stitch Cousin Catchers


The Frozen Kingdom:

Antarctica the frozen empire

Wolf river run

Ice Glider

Whale splash

The Mediterranean Kingdom:

The Mighty Hercules


Phil's hero training

Venetian gondolas


Voyage to Atlantis

Atlantic library

The Heart of Atlantis: Armada

The Caribbean Kingdom:

Pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales

Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow

Battle of the Seven Seas

The Outback Kingdom:

The Kingdom of Stone:


Pteranodon fly school

Dino jungle canopy flight

Prehistoric river raft

The Wild Kingdom:

Spirit of the Wild


Brother Bear

The Canyon Kingdom:

Home on the Range mine carts

Journey into Nature's wonderland


The Bog Kingdom:

Haunted Mansion

Tiana's big bayou adventure

The Rescuers

Swamp tour

Splash mountain

The Empirical Kingdom:


Merida's highland legend

Robin Hood's arrow battle

The Sword in the Stone

King Arthur's Regal Carousel

Merlin's magical room

Wizard duel


Dragon tower

Black Cauldron River Adventure

Flight of the Gwythaints

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