The ride.

Hulk Transformation is a ride at Super Marvel Universe. It is a Space Shot type ride.

Ride Summary

Ride Line

The ride line is kinda basic, since it circles around a giant green glass building that the bottom of the ride is in. Once you enter the building, you hear Bruce Banner explaining that to him that he may transform into the Hulk any moment while they are around, so they must leave out of the emergency "escape pod". He tells you safety information and then you board.


After you board, you hear Bruce Banner about to launch the "escape pod" out of the escape hatch when he loses control and turns into Hulk, and throws your "escape pod" upwards. You go up really high, then down again, and that repeats several times at different speeds as you hear sounds of Hulk. Eventually you land safelly and Bruce Banner explains that he regained control, and you get off the ride and exit.


The ride is powered by S&S Power, like many rides of it's type.

Background Information

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