Iron Battle is a ride in Super Marvel Universe's Stark Expo. It is a rollercoaster.

Ride Summary

Ride Line

The ride line is inside Iron Man's house, which has a tunnel to a hideout, where you can see Iron Man comics on the walls and watch Iron Man videos on various TV screens. When you near the coaster boarding, you hear Iron Man over the speakers and he explains that you must stop the enemy from stealing the extra Iron suits by using your other Iron Suit. He then explains the safety rules and you board the coaster.


The ride starts with a boost, and you boost out of the boarding room and go down a large incline underground, and then you blast back up. The track goes in a loop-da-loop and pummels back down to the ground. It makes a sudden sharp turn and heads under the ride line, and right when it is away from the line, it blasts up again to a really high height. It goes partly upside down then instead of going back down and going right-side up, it does a barrel roll and goes straight again.

It then goes down another huge incline and does a sharp turn and after it does a barrel roll under the high track. It goes right above the sidewalk that leads to the ride line, then spins back towards the line building. It slows down and slowly goes back to the getting off room. Iron Man says over the speakers that your Iron suit flight manuvears defeated the enemy and you have the Iron suits back in your pocession. You get off the ride and exit it.


The ride is made from the same mechanics as any other rollercoaster, except has many times where the boosters on the track suddenly make the coaster go much faster.

Background Information

  • The ride often goes by Thor's Hammer, since they are both really fast rollercoasters in the same area of the park.
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