Jersey Boys Day will be held in 3 Parks on 20th June In Honor of The Movies Release

Anime Dreams Park

  • A special show will be performing at The Cinderella Castle Stage featuring the Four Seasons,Chubby Chesse and His Friends
  • The Characters Will be performing at the same land as Chubbys Halloween Daydream
  • This Will Be Presenting on the afternoon it will be no Anime Moments on Parade Moving on as it move on to One Morning Only

Anime Dreams Sea

  • It will Be No Performance of Easter in Greece at the American Waterfall Stage due it will be the Same Version as Anime Dreams Park Version
  • It will Have a Special Version of Summer Tropic Celebration with Cant Take My Eyes of You played at the End of the show

Anime Dreams Studios

  • The Marvel Superhero Day Parade Will be on the same time as Anime Moments on Parade Moving on
  • Sounds of Jersey Boys will Play Normal as Usual
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