Jump and Duck Level 5: Shooting Gallery is a ride at Inventoville at Phineas and Ferb World. It is a shooting gallery based on the episode "Gaming the System" of Phineas and Ferb.


Que Line

Since the ride is one of those Winnie-the-Pooh-like rides, the rideline isn't to long. It goes back and forth right in front of the entrance to the ride. In the background, you can hear the song "Let's Go Digital". On the wall there is a picture of the target and the gun and it is shown how to shoot and where to shoot.


The ride goes through the door and you go through a room with a digitizer. The lights flash and you go through a door into the game. Use your hair-dryer/gun to shoot the targets on the fruit monsters. The farther ones are worth more points. In the next room there is the anti-gravity castle. Shoot the one-eyed monsters through the windows and the fruits that are chasing Phineas, Ferb, and Candace. In the next room, there is a bunch of spiders that climb across their spiderwebs that you must shoot. The next room is underwater and you have to shoot piranas. Then you enter the next room, which is the boss room. Buford will be out, and you have to shoot him over and over quickly. In the next room, you get undigitized into the room and the screen in your car will tell you your score. Then you go to the unboarding/boarding.

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