Kingdom Hearts Hollywood Studios is a Sister Park to Kingdom Hearts World Park at Kingdom Hearts World Resort in Idaho. It Will Be Similar to Walt Disney Studios Park in France, But Only Bigger and New. It Will Be Based on Kingdom Hearts Series and TV Channel Itself. It Will Controls the Characters from Nickeledeon, Hanna Barbera and More.

List of Areas:

Hollywood Avenue


1. The Great Movie Ride

2. Red Car Trolley

3. Terminator 2: 3D


1. Kingdom Hearts Studios Store

2. The Legends of Hollywood

3. Studio Photo


1. Hall of Fame

2. L.A. Hand Scooped Ice Cream Shop (Presnted by Dreyers)

3. Burbank Coffee (Sponsored by Starbucks)

4. Trolley Treats

Animation Courtyard


1. The Walt Disney Story

2. Disney Junior: Live on Stage

3. Disney's Peanuts and Veggietales 4D: Lights, Camera, Adventure!

4. Animagic!

5. TechniCollateral

6. The Making of Kingdom Hearts Series

7. Disney Animation

8. The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera

9. DisneyToon Studio Sound Show


1. Animation Gallery

2. Hanna-Barbera Store

3. Mr. Nezzer's Factory

4. The Ink and Paint Shop

5. MouseWorks


1. Animator's Palate

2. Sora's Cafe

3. Disney Junior Hall of Frame

Production Courtyard


1. CineMagic

2. The Twlight Zone Tower of Terror

3. Back to the Future: The Ride

4. Backdraft

5. Red Car Trolley

6. Sounds Dangerous Starring Debby Ryan

7. Muppet Vision 3D: Adventure of Showtime


1. Tower Hotel Gifts

2. Kermit's Muppet Lab Store

3. Doc Brown's Store


1. SCI-Fi Dine In Theater

2. La Terrasse

3. Restaurant of the Stars

ABC Studios


1. Chloe's Nine Lives 4D Adventure

2. ABC Studios Tram (Including Castastrophe Canyon and Reign of Fire)

3. Dancing with the Stars of Disney and More

4. Ride to The Gates

5. Switched by Birth


1. ABC Family Studio Store

2. 10 Things About This Store


1. ABC Commissary

2. Chloe King's Nine Lives Cafe

Sunset Backlot


1. Rock "N" Rollercoaster Starring Selena Gomez & The Scene

2. Armageddon: The Special Effects

3. E.T. Adventure

4. Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

5. The Adventures of Dick Tracy

6. Austin and Ally: Songbook Guide to Hollywood

7. An Victorious Adventure

8. Jaws: The Ride


1. Rock Around the Shop

2. Cat Valentine's Goodie Shoppe

3. Sonic Boom


1. Blockbuster Cafe

2. Musical Diner

3. Ally's Place

Pixar Backlot


1. Toy Story Mania

2. Radiator Spring Racers

3. It's Tough to Be a Bug

4. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club

5. Luxo Jr's Playground

6. Turtle Talk with Crush


1. Laugh Floor

2. Midway Merchandise

3. Mater's Pawn Shop


1, Flo's V3 Cafe

2. Fillmore's Taste-In

3. Pizza Planet

4. Carl Fredericksen's House

Echo Lake


1. Lights, Camera, Icarly

2. Rock-a-Doodle: Chanticleer's Rescue


1. Carly's Website Shop (Presented by Best Buy)


1. Laugh Out Loud Cafe

Ahoy Lagoon


1. Sponegbob's Jumpin' Jellyfish

2. Starfish Talk with Patrick

3. Bikini Bottom Water Play Town

4. Fish Hooks: The Dream Adventure


1. Sailing Gear

2. The Spongebob Store


1. Krusty Krab


1. Studio KH: Almost Live Parade (Daytime Parade)

2. NightFall Cinema (Nighttime Parade)

3. The Best Movies in the Sky (Fireworks)

Park Hours

Spring: 8AM-9PM

Summer: 8AM-12AM

Fall: 10AM-8PM

Winter: 9AM-10PM

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