This is the Ukrainian Version of Kingdom Hearts World Park. Like the Original Kingdom Hearts World Park in Idaho, It Will Be the Disneyland Style Park. This Version of the Kingdom Hearts World Park Will Have Ukrainian and English Languages.


Unlike the Original Idaho Version of Kingdom Hearts World Park, This Ukrainian verison will Not Have the Train circle the Whole Park, So Instead Western River Railroad from Tokyo Disneyland will Be Located in Adventureland. The Parade Route will be the Same One from the Disneyland Park in California. Neither Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln nor Liberity Square will appear. Fantasyland Will Be Bigger that Includes the Garden of the Imagnation.

Traverse Town


1. The Legacy of Kingdom Hearts

2. Traverse Town Vehicles

3. Horse-Drawn Trolley

4. The Walt Disney Story

5. Traverse Town Cinema

6. Dollar and Coin Arcade

7. Plaza Swan Boats

8. The Disney Gallery


1. The Emporium

2. Traverse Town Magic Shop

3. Traverse Town Photo Supply

4. 20th Century Music Company

5. Traverse Town Library

6. China Closet

7. The Gizmo Shop

8. Whistle Stop Shop


1. Walt's Restaurants

2. The Crystal Palace

3. Tony's Second District

4. Dalmatian's Mansion

5. Refreshment Corner

6. Sweetheart Cafe

7. The Plaza Restaurant

8. Ice Creams Palour

9. The Great Pancake Factory

10. Jolly Holiday Barkery



1. The Enchanted Tiki Room

2. Jungle Cruise

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

4. The Swiss Family Treehouse

5. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of The Fire Snake

6. The Flying Carpets of Aladdin

7. Tropical Carnival

8. The Black Pearl

9. The Adventureland Gardens

10. Western River Railroad


1. Agrabah Marketplace

2. Trader Joe's

3. Adventureland Bazaar

4. Zanibar Trading Company

5. Plaza Del Sol Caribe Bazaar

6. Tropical Imports

7. Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost


1. Sunshine Tree Terrace

2. Blue Bayou Restaurant

3. Baloo's Pizza Outpost

4. Jack Sparrow's Camp Grill

5. Expedition Eats



1. Big Thunder Mountain Railway

2. Mark Twain Riverboat

3. Frontierland Shootin' Gallery

4. Tom Sawyer Island

5. River Rogue Keelboats

6. Legends of the Wild West

7. Western River Expedition

8. The Ballad of Zorro

9. Country Bear Jamboree

10. Woody's Round-Up

11. Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes

12. The Town of Tombstone


1. Frontier Trading Post

2. Prairie Outpost and Supply

3. Tombstone Traders

4. Big Al's

5. Keelboat Shoppe

6. Bearly Goods

7. Davy Crockett's Shop


1. Hungry Bear Restaurant

2. Mile Long Bar

3. Lucky Nugget Saloon

4. Cowboy Cookout Steakhouse

5. Frontierland Ice Cream Parlour

6. River Belle Terrace

7. Pecos Goofy's Cafe

8. Aunt Shelby's Barkery

9. Western Ho

Critter Country


1. Splash Mountain

2. Camp Rock: The Final Jam Revue

3. PB&J Otter: The Ride

4. Sora the Keyblade Master Hoedown

5. Critter Nature's Wonderland Trail

6. The Haunted Mansion

7. Pooh's Marvelous Adventures

8. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

9. Audobbon J. Woodlore's Petting Zoo

10. Pooh's Playful Spot


1. Pooh Corner

2. Madame Leota's Cart

3. Final Jam Gift Shop

4. Critter Country Shoppe

5. Laughing Place Goods & Services


1. Mooseburger Lodge

2. Brer Bar

3. Sleepy Hollow

4. Golden Otter Lodge

5. Brer Frog's Fruit Stand



1. Disney Castle

2. Disney Castle Mystery Tour

3. The Mickey Mouse Revue

4. Pinocchio's Daring Journey

5. Peter Pan's Flight

6. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

7. The Story of Sleeping Beauty

8. Mad Tea Party

9. Alice in Wonderland

10. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Russo Family Adventure

11. It's a Small World

12. Storybook Land Canal Boats

13. Castle Carrousel

14. Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid

15. Ariel's Grotto

16. Scuttle's Scavenger Hunt

17. The Tale of Cinderella

18. Fairytale Garden

19. The Beast's Castle (Featuring Storytime with Belle)

20. Skyway to Tomorrowland

21. The Disney Channel FairyTale Adventure 3D

22. Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train

23. Once Upon a Story

24. Snow White's Grotto

25. Pixie Hollow


1. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

2. Mickey's Harmony Faire

3. Tinker Bell Toyshop

4. Seven Dwarfs' Mine Cart

5. The Glass Slipper

6. Baby Mine

7. The AristoCats

8. Fantasyland Camera Shop

9. The Mad Hatter

10. Pleasure Island Candies

11. Alex Russo's Magic Shop


1. Queen of Hearts Banquet

2. Troubadour Tavern

3. Captain Hook's Ship

4. Cleo's

5. Queen Minnie's Dining Room

Gardens of Imagination


1. Melody Gardens

2. Skull Rock

3. Captain Hook's Ship

4. Storybook Theatre featuring Mickey and the Magical Map

5. Sword in the Stone


1. Melody TIme Gifts

2. Captain Hook's Treasures


1. Storybook Cafe

Dumbo's Circus


1. Dumbo the Flying Circus

2. Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station

3. The Great Goofini

4. Circus Disney

5. Pete's Silly Sideshow

6. Cece's & Rocky's Fun House


1. Sideshow Souveniors

2. Shake It Up Big Top

3. Timothy Q. Mouse's Circus Cart


1. Casey Jr. Circus Treats

2. Cece's Tightrope Wagoon

Sora's & Mickey's ToonTown


1. Mickey's House & Meet Mickey

2. Minnie's House

3. Sora's Mansion

4. Donald's Boat

5. Kairi's Garden

6. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

7. Sora, Donald & Goofy: The Ride

8. Darkwing Duck's St. Canard Adventure

9. Namine's Palace

10. Goofy's Paint and Playhouse

11. Gadget's Go-Coaster

12. Aqua's Musical Concert

13. ToonTown Hall of Fame

14. Von Drake's House of Genius

15. ToonTown Playground


1. Gag Factory

2. Roxas' Music Store


1. Kairi's Diner

2. Good Time Cafe

3. Goofy's Gas



1. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

2. Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

3. Captain EO

4. Stitch's Great Escape

5. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

6. Star Jets

7. Autopia

8. Tron Legacy: The Journey to Game Grid

9. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarnie Voyage

10. Circle Vision 360 Theater (America the Beautiful, Wonders of China and O Canada)

11. Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast

12. Space Mountain

13. The Voyage Thru Time

14. Olie's Discovery Arcade

15. If You Have Wings

16. Discovery Ride & Go Seek

17. Videopolis (Fast Food Restaurant with video shorts)

18. Skyway to Fantasyland

19. Push the Talking Trash Can

20. UFO Zone


1. Star Traders

2. Tomorrowlanding

3. Little Green Men Store

4. Merchant of Venus

5. Space Mountain Shop

6. Imageworks

7. Planet M


1. The Lunching Pad

2. Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

3. Tomorrowland Terrace

4. Pan Galactic Pizza Port

5. Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet

6. Cafe Hyperion


1. Walt Disney's Parade of Fun (Daytime Parade)

2. Traverse Town Electrical Parade (Nighttime Parade)

3. Walt Disney Dreams (Nighttime Castle Show)

4. Rainy Day Parade (Rainyday Parade)

Park Hours

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