Lab Rats Lab Coaster is a steel roller coaster ride at Disney TV Boardwalk in Disney Universe Resort. It is based off the Disney XD show Lab Rats.

Ride Summary


Guest enter through a huge metal building next to Lab Rats The Experience and walks through a run down science lab. They enter the preshow room


Guests enter the Lab Rat's lab. The light dim and smoke fills up the capsules. Suddenly, (animatronic) Adam, Bree and Chase appears in the capsules. The welcome guests to their lab for an exclusive press conference for Davenport Industries. They talk a little bit about Davnport and themselves and then announce they will handle the press conference because Davenport is busy working on a new transportation system in the lab. They say it will revolutionize transportation. Chase then gets a call from Davenport informing them there has been a gas leak downtown and he needs them to stop it. Chase tells Davenport they are on their way and announce to the guests that Leo will take care of the conference until they get back. Adam, Bree and Chase then disappear from their capsules, and Leo appears on a large screen. He gloats to guests about how he is in charge now. Because he is bored, he suggests they have a little fun and check out or ride Danevports transportation system. Guests then exit the lab and enter the boarding station.


The boarding station is basically just a huge metal room with roller coaster tracks laid over it. Guests enter the coaster cars and Leo appears on an in-car monitor in each row. He tells guests he found a big red button and wants to see what it does. He presses it and it laucnhes guests into the ride. The car travels into a big empty building and makes a bunch of twists and turns and small drops around the area. Later, Leo shows up on the monitor again and says he found another green button that he hopes will stop the vehicle. He presses it and it turns off every light in the building. Nothing can be seen except the monitor. Leo finds another button and begs for it to stop the car but it just activates party disco lights in the building. After pressing more random buttons that causes more mayhem, Leo finally finds a big red button that say 'STOP'. He presses it and the vehicles park in the unloading station. Leo tells guests they shoudl probably not stick around for the rest of the press conference so Davenport doesn't know what went on. Guests exit the ride



  • Adam - Spencer Boldman
  • Bree - Kelli Burgland
  • Chase - Billy Unger
  • Leo - Tyrel Jackson Williams


  • Leo - Tyrel Jackson Williams


  • Saftey Restraint: Harness
  • Fastpass and Single Rider available
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