Lab Rats The Experience is a 4-D attraction at Disney TV Boardwalk at the Disney Universe Resort based off the Disney XD show Lab Rats.

Attraction Summary


The queue starts at the entrance of Donald Davenport's House and the queue winds throguh the house and to the elevator to the lab. Guests step into the elevator and are treated to a breif simulated elevator ride. Once in the elevator stops, guests exit the elevator and enter a big theater. The theater is designed to look similar to the Lab Rat's training lab. The theater holds 468-seats and features a large screen. When guests enter, they are given a pair of Training Goggle (3-D glasses) and asked to seat in their seat.


Once every guest is seated, the light dim and the show starts. The show is a 15-minute 4-D film themed to Lab Rats. The film is 3-D, with in theater physical effects. Once the show is over, guests exit the theater and are leaded to the entrance of Lab Rats Lab Coaster, where they are given the option to ride or exit the attraction.


Each seat in the 468-seat theater is equiped with 4-D physical effects. The seats move throughout the show, so 15 stationary seats are availible for those who don't want to experience motion.

Bubble machines, smoke and fog machines, wind fans, strobe lights and smell machines are installed in the theater. The seats feature motion, vibration, air blasters, and water sprayers. The seats tilt back and fourth, side to side, and drop up and down.

The theater features Dolby 5.1 speakers and is presented in MasterImage 3D.


  • This attraction is based off the Disney XD show, Lab Rats
  • 468 people can ride at a time (15 of them in the stationary seats).
  • Safety restraint: Armrests
  • Fastpass availible
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