The Magic Kingdom Mover is a ride at Magic Kingdom, and it is much like the monorail and PeopleMover mixed togethor. It goes through many rides.


The ride's boarding platform is located at Main Street, U.S.A., right next to the train. It starts by going through the Pirates of the Caribean ride (the fire scene), it has the Adventureland stop. That stop is at the top of the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Then, the ride goes through Splash Mountain, and drives through the second drop scene. Right when is passes, it stops at the Frontierland Station which is right next to the exit of Big Thunder Mountain Raildroad.

Then, it begins going to Liberty Square. It goes through the Haunted Mansion, in the Ghosts Dancing room, right above the Doom Buggies. Then it leaves the ride, and stops right in between Fantasyland and Liberty Square.

Since the Liberty Square stop is right next to Fantasyland, thier is no Fantasly Land stop. On the way to Tommorowland, it goes through It's a Small World (final scene), and the Winnie the Pooh ride (Heffalump scene). Then, at the Tomorrowland, you go through Space Mountain, right above the People Mover. Then, the stop is to the right of the Carasoul of Progress.

Then, it goes back to Main Street U.S.A. You go through Mike's Laugh Floor, and Mike sees you and says hi. Then, you go back to the Main Street station.

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