This is gonna be at Walt Disney World Canada which will be a lot different from (and far from) Disneyland Canada because it will be in Quebec. Plus, it won't be cloned to the other Magic Kingdom parks.


  • There will be no Sora the Keyblade Master Hoedown in this park.
  • The flower picture will have Mickey and Minnie instead of Mickey's face and it will be in front of the castle.


Main Street Canada

  • Downtown City Hall
  • Downtown Movie Plex
  • Downtown Vehicles


A fairytale land-styled that features fairies, princesses, a wonderland, and of course Mickey Mouse and his gang.

Storybook Hub

  • Cinderella Castle
  • Prince Charming's Carrousel.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Pinnochio's Daring Journey
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • It's a Small World

Princess Land

  • Cinderella's Cheteau

a look-around place where you can encounter Cinderella.

  • Ariel's Castle

a look-around place where you can encounter Ariel.

  • Under the Sea Experience

Explore under the sea where you can all kinds of sea creatures and even encounter Flounder and Sebastian.

  • Belle's Castle

Look around the castle, encounter Belle, and be part of her film-based story.

  • Belle's Village

Explore the village and meet the villagers you see.

  • Princess Aurora's Cottage

a look-around place where you can encounter Princess Aurora.

  • Snow White's Cottage

a look-around place where you can encounter Snow White, see her clean the house, and even make gooseberry pies to taste.

  • Snow White's Scary Adventures
  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Suit a story about a soldier encounter Ballerina and Tin Soldier. In contrast to the original story, the ending is a happy one.

  • Rapunzel's Tower

Walk through the tower and encounter Rapunzel.

  • Rapunzel's Gold Lantern Viewing Boats

As you ride the boat, you will see lots of lanterns flying by while the music plays "I See the Light".

  • Tiana's Castle

a look-around place where you can encounter Tiana.


  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Wonderland Flower Garden

Pixie Hollow

  • Fairy Go Round
  • Squirting Flower Garden
  • Pixie Hollow Pond
  • Rosetta's Flower Bounce

Storybook Circus

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Casey Jr. Train
  • Storybook Circus Grounds
  • Disney Channel and Ringling Bros. Circus

Empire Forest

  • Robin Hood's Kingdom
  • Merida's Brave Competition

Merida teaches you how to be brave and shoot arrows to the targets.

  • Pocahontas River Ride

Row a canoe around the riverbend and see various live forest animals. Also, hold on tight for the waterfall. This is hosted by Pocahontas.

Mickey's TownTown

  • Mickey's House

A look-around place where you can encounter Mickey.

  • Minnie's House

A look-around place where you can encounter Minnie.

  • Donald's Boat

A look-around place where you can encounter Donald.

  • Daisy's Cottage

A look-around place where you can encounter Daisy.

  • Donald and Daisy's Imaginary Trip

Ride a moving machine that flies and goes on water and experience how Donald, Daisy, and his nephews explore an imaginary world.

  • Pluto's Enchanted Doghouse

A bigger doghouse and look-around place where you can encounter Pluto.

  • Goofy's House

A look around place where you can encounter Goofy and Max.

  • Goofy's Barnstormer

This junior coaster is longer than (and a lot different from) the Barnstormer.

  • Chip and Dale's Treehouse

A look around place where you can encounter Chip and Dale.

  • Scrooge McDuck's Mansion

A look around place where you can encounter Scrooge.

  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Park

Play and ride playground rides and ecounter Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

  • Sora's Mansion

A look around place where you can encounter Sora and Kairi.

  • Namine's Palace

A look around place where you can encounter Namine, Riku, and Roxas.


  • Safari Ferries

A ferry ride similar to the Jungle Cruise rides but each ferry obviously has two decks.

A show that combines the Tiki Rooms, The Festival of the Lion King, and Tarzan Rocks, featuring Disney jungle-related characters.

  • Pirates of the Carribean

A Boat-styled ride based on the Pirates.

  • Indiana Jones's Mysterious Ride

Explore the temple and solve mysteries with Indiana Jones as you ride on your jeep.

  • Yeti Mountain

Encounter some yetis in this mountain by riding a bobsled.


A Star-Wars themed indoor rollercoaster ride similar to Space Mountain but different in design.

  • Adventure Thru Inner Space
  • Disney Racers Speedway

Race on your lane in any Disney character car around the circuit.

  • UFO Zone


  • Great Wild Mine Range

A bigger version of Thunder Mountain Railroad with a bigger and longer mine train that speeds through the deserts and mountains.

  • Country Mountain Running Rapids

A river rapid ride that speeds around the mountain range and through the rivers and slides down from waterfalls.

  • Critter Nature Trail

Explore the forests and valleys and find critters here.

  • Splash Mountain

Hop on a log, join the Br'er trio in their adventure, and take a big splash from a steep slope.

  • Wild West Dance Square

A dance floor attraction where you can dance with your favorite Disney wild west characters such and Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and the Country Bears.

  • Pecos Bill's Showtime

Join Pecos Bill and his fellow performers as they do their things and talents in this show.

  • Humphrey the Bear's Bumper Boat Lake

Ride on a bumper boat and bump other ones while driving it in this "safe place".

  • Audobon J. Woodlore's Petting Zoo

Pet and play with some forest critters and encounter Audobon J. Woodlore in this petting zoo.

  • Davy Crockett's Adventure Canoes

Paddle a canoe around the rivers.

  • Westward Town Express


While riding a creeper buggy, explore this eerie hotel and see thousands of ghosts doing something silly and tricking you.

  • Hall of Presidents

Each president (from the past to the present) gives you a speech in this show.

  • Notre Dame


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