Marvel Superhero Day Parade will be on 5th April 2014 at Anime Dreams Studios to Replace Peppa Pigs Fancy Dress Party Parade

This Parade is Dedicated to Marvels 75th Anniversary


Opening Unit: Spidey Sense

  • Show Stop Song:Rise Above/A Freak Like Me Needs Company/Finale – A New Dawn

Second Unit: Go Fantastic Four

  • Show Stop Song: Kirikirimai/Surrender/Fantastic Four Theme

Third Unit: X MEN TEAM

  • Show Stop Song:Love Love

Fourth Unit: Hulk Smash

  • Show Stop Song:DNA/Hulk TV Theme

Fifth Unit: Star Strangled Banner

  • Show Stop Song: Captain America March/Star Strangled Man

Sixth Unit: Iron Man

  • Show Stop Song: Highway to Hell/Iron Man Theme/Robot Rock/Make Way for Tomorrow Today

Finale Unit: Asgard

  • Show Stop Song: Thor/Mighty Thor Theme/I can Help/Get Loki/Walk/Into Eternity


  • Show all the people who star in the show!

Background Information

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