Its a nighttime Parade on 15th April 2013 as part of Anime Dreams 30th anniversary it replaced Anime Dreams electrical Parade It wil end on 20th March 2014 and replaced By Anime Stars on Parade but It will come back on 29th August to 1st November for Halloween Season


Opening/Princess Garden

Staring Disney Princess(Cinderella,Rapunzel,Belle,Anoura)

Forest Friends

Staring Thumbelina,Winnie the Pooh,Petes Dragon,

Jungle Safari

Staring Jungle Book,Lion King, LLew,Pluwp and Jangel(From Cyw)

Pirate Moon

Staring Peter Pan,One peace, Brogon(From Bratz Masquerade)


Staring Loki,Kirana and Penn and Vampire Knight


staring Pinkie Pie, Zuka Club,Dumbo,Mary Poppins,Three Little Pigs,Ted,Naruto

Pixar Pals

starring Toy Story,Monsters Inc,Brave,The Incredibles,Cars

Finale 1

Srarring Rock of ages,GTA V,GTA IV,Sofia the First and Iron Man and Hulk

Finale 2

Staring Chubby Chesse,Little Mermaid,Snow White,Horrid Henry,Thor,Ouran Host Club,Mickey Mouse and Friends,Peppa Pig


Parade Song Treasure the Moment/Your Heart Will Lead You Home

Show Stops


  • Once a Upon a Dream/The Glow/If You Can Dream/A Dream is a wish

Background Information

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