Get a Horse is a 4-D film attraction at Disney's Hollywood Adventure Park.

Show Summary


Guests walk through a movie theater lobby and past a long corridor featuring posters for classic Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Pixar films and shorts. Guests enter a large theater.


Guests are seated in the large 700-seat theater in front of a big screen. The attraction is the 2013 animated 3-D short 'Get a Horse' with added 4-D effects.

Mechanics and Effects

The theater features a 128-speaker Dolby Atmos sound system and a 48-foot tall, 68-foot wide wall-to-wall curved screen. The projector projects glasses-free 3-D film onto the curved screen. The projector uses Dolby Vision and has 4K imagery. The overhead speakers are hidden by a thin black cloth covering the ceiling. All of the other speakers are either hidden behind the screen or built into the wall. The black cloth also conceals scent sprayers, wind fans, water squirters, smoke machines, and spotlights. Mist sprayers and winf fans are built into the wall and are sprayed out through tiny holes in the wall, invisible to guests. Air blasters are attatched to the back of each seat.

The film uses many 4-D effects in synchronization with the movie. When Mickey pops out of the screen, air bursts in the audiences faces. When Horace is eating Milk Duds, the scent of chocolate is sprayed into the front of the theater. When Mickey flies around the theater using Horace as an airplane, wind blows from multible directions of the theater. When Mickey crashes into the stage, the seats near the front of the theater vibrate. When Mickey pokes a hole in the screen and the water leaks out of it, the audience is squirted with water. When the entire theater is flooded with water coming out of the screen, water and mist is sprayed on the audience. Water sprayers attatched to the floor shoot up water onto riders's legs. Also, the seats are subtly raised and tilted in multiple directions to give the effect water is flowing under it. When Pete throws Mickey onto the ceiling of the theater, smoke is sprayed from the front left side of the theater ceiling. When Mickey and Horace are spinning the screen, wind blows from the front of the theater. When Pete breaks through the screen and destroys it, air bursts in guests faces. Instead of having the film end and cut to credits, curtians are seen closing on-screen replacing the credits.


  • Fastpass available
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