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Muppet Labs Time Machine
is a ride at Muppet Studios.It is a ride similar to Back To The Future:The Ride.


The queue is in Muppet Labs where you see some of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's past inventions like the Gorilla detector and the Carve-O-Matic.

Pre ride video

Dr. Honeydew and Beaker welcome you to the lab and recriut you as guniea pigs for his time travel experiment. He then explains that your Time vehicles is really a new prototype they've invented.The Electric Mayhem ask the doctor if they've seen Animal for he is late for a jam session.The doctor tells them that he hasn't until Beaker hears a crashing sound.The sound reveals to be Animal in one of the time machines.Animal hits the controls and in a flash of light is gone.The band then panics and recriuts the riders to save Animal. They then go through a safety speil of things you shouldn't do while on the attraction (using Beaker as the example of course).The band,Dr.Honeydew and Beaker hop into a time machine and go off to where Animal went.


When you get into the vehicle, Dr.Honeydew work in a transmission that shows a video in front of your seat. He warns you to be careful, and the transmission stops.As you go through the teleporter,a flash of light shines and you are in the dinosaur time. You go through the mud and you car turns around to see a giant T-rex with Beaker and Dr.Honeydew in his mouth.He starts chasing you, and your car turns around and zooms off.Your car makes a sudden turn and the dinosaur runs by with Animal biting its tail.You back up slowly and go up a volcano. The car turns around sees the the top. The car doesn't stop in time, and you almost fall in to the lava, but it is rescued by Janice and Floyd on a Pterodactyl.They put you on a ledge and you go on the narrow ledge into a cave. In the cave, you encounter a triceratops. He gets scared by you, so he charges. Dr.Teeth and Zoot then rescue you on a brontosaurus where you enter a time stream where you land in the time base. On the video screen,Dr.Honeydew and the band congraulate you for rescuing Animal,until Floyd points out that they forgot Beaker back in the prehistoric times.Beaker is then shown in the stomach of the T-rex waving goodbye to the guests.

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