Muppet Midway Mania! is an interactive 4D attraction located at Muppet Studios.The ride itself is a parody of Toy Story Midway Mania!


As guests enter the attraction, an interactive audio animatronic Fozzie Bear talks with guests,sings songs, and tells jokes. To enter the queue, guests must walk under a 32-foot (9.8) Kermit head leading guests into a pavillion with various posters advertising muppets as sideshow attractions.


Kermit welcomes guests to the ride and tells them to pick up their Kermit the Frog Green Gamer Goggles (3-D glasses) and tells them to enjoy the ride.


The spinning vehicle will look slightly different from the one in the Toy Story ride, and unlike it, it will have guns with buttons instead of pulling balls.

Mini Games

  • Kermit and Fozzie's Pie Toss Practice

​The first game.Kermit and Fozzie welcome guests to the ride and tell them to fire pies at Statler and Waldorf shaped targets. (A pie toss target practice game)

  • The Electric Mayhem Dish Smash

Smash dishes with The Electric Mayhem (A dish smashing game)

  • Gonzo and Camilla's Farm Darts

Fire darts at farm animal shaped balloons (A dart throwing game)

  • Kermit & Robin's Swamp Ring Toss

Throw rings at dragon flies (A ring toss game)

  • Scooter's Egg Toss

Fire eggs at chicken shaped targets (An egg throwing game)

  • Uncle Deadly's Bat Shooting Gallery

Shoot at bat shaped targets (A suction cup shooting gallery)

  • The Swedish Chef's Kitchen Darts

Fire darts at rat shaped balloons (A dart throwing game)

  • Sweetums' Test Your Strength

Aim at the target and test your strength (A mallet hitting game)

After the mini-games, Statler and Waldorf dressed as carnival barkers will heckle the player and announce their scores. Kermit the Frog then thanks the riders for enjoying the ride and then tells the riders to join him and the other Muppets at their carnival. As guests exit the ride, they enter a pavilion with various interactive carnival stalls with various muppets as sideshow attractions shown on HD TVs (ex.Janice as a fortune-teller, Zoot charming a snake, Sweetums as a strongman,etc.).


Just as Toy Story Midway Mania! plays "You've Got a Friend in Me", this ride will play "Movin' Right Along" in carnival style. The ride's score must get to be composed by Michael Giacchino.

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