This high-tech dark ride in Disneyland New York City is a mix of scary and fun for everyone!

Ride Summary

Ride Line

On the outside is facade of music shops, houses and GIANT music notes that flash different colors. There are brick walls on the wait line when you walk in. There is a big fancy ballroom with a piano playing itself. There are big signs that are neon that read MUSIC CITY THROUGH THESE DOORS! You walkthrough the large ballroom and come to the doors which open by themselves.


After the doors is a big room with benches painted gold. There is a movie playing about the history of Music City and how it was attacked by evil ghosts.The doors on the left side of the room enter which leads to the load which is in another fancy ballroom.You board a boat and the ride begins.


You start by exiting the ballroom and go into a night time scene and hear crickets chirping. You turn and it is revealed the load is really in a mansion facade with windows that look into the load area.You go down a small drop and you see big music notes singing.You make a turn and there is lots of fog. You go up and you hear screams and then an evil laugh.You then make a turn onto a busy street. A boy is selling a bunch of newspapers that say Music City was attacked by ghosts.You go straight and make a turn on the street. You are now going into a barn.The doors open and the lights shut off. There is a floating lantern and a head that pops up. Someone screams and the boat goes down a drop.Music instruments are playing and people are singing your name.You then see glowing island called Music City.You then pass through several scenes that show you around Music City. You go down a drop at the end and your picture is taken.

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