Out to Launch is a ride at Inventoville of Phineas and Ferb World.

Ride Summary

Que Line

The que line is an awful short line, probably because of the short ride. You walk into Phineas and Ferb's backyard, and right by the rocket ship. You walk into misssion control, and leave into the second part of the backyard where Candace's ship is. You walk into it, walk up the stairs into the driving cockpit, then go out on the exiting platform. You walk on the platform into Phineas and Ferb's ship, and the window shows open space. As you go down to the bottom, you leave and you are on an asteriod. You walk over to the rockets and wait until the ride before you is over. Once it is over, you board.


When you board, the rocket lifts into the air and the song. "It's a Shooting Star Milkshake Bar" starts playing. The stars around the dark room start twinkling, and you soon cannot control the rocket anymore and the rockets go up and down to the beat of the music. After soaring up into the air for the final time of the ride, the rocket decends to the ground, and the ride starts to end.


The que line is in an inside room that uses 3D illusions to make it look real. The ride itself is inside a dark room with many glowing lights for the stars. The speakers are dark black so they comoflauge in the blackness, and is surround sound to make it sound real.

Background Information

  • The type of ride this is is the same of the Dumbo ride at Disney World and Disneyland

    The type of ride it is.