Peck's Lair Of Zoophobia is a seasonal horror walkthrough located at Universal Metazoa as part of Halloween Horror Nights: Savage Safari.

Attraction Experience

The Maze Begins as you go into the caverns as it's simulated with cold and some water, making raindrops fall on the guests then they are open for a scare by a mutant locust and then guests enter a revolving tunnel which after they get out. Leading them to becoming dizzy, they enter a revolving room with swirling colors in it. Unfortunately. In the swamps of the indoors. Guests get a scare from Peck the Spider Raven. and they enter a room with some Giant Spiders from the animatronic spider webs and out of the cave and Some of the waterfalls are shown from the peak of the maze. And Guests get scared by animatronic vile alligators. and They enter a another forbidden cave where they see some leaves blown off from the trees and Upon from the guests entering from that. They Can See Explorers and miners being killed off from Peck and his monsters. And some arms and hands together appear and try to grab the guests walking through the maze. After getting out of an another forbidden cave. Guests enter a nighttime jungle where they meet bloodied fueled lions

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