Pigs In Space: The Ride is a ride based on The Muppet Show sketch Pig in Space and Pigs In Space: Deep Dish Nine.The ride is similar to Star Tours.


Pigs In Space: The Ride puts the guests in the role of an actor on the set of Pigs In Space. Much is made of this throughout the ride queue, which is designed to look like a spaceship boarding terminal: posters advertise voyages to different planets, and a giant screen informs riders of the benefits of going to Koozbane. This area is stocked with audio-animatronic characters that seem to speak to the ride patrons (including Kermit and Scooter)as well as a life-size mock-up of a Swinetrek 3000, the fictional spacecraft which riders are about to board.A ride attendant escorts guests to one of several loading stations where they wait for their turn to ride.

Pre ride Video

A television screen posts a countdown to take-off time and shows images of the Starspeeder 3000 spacecraft being serviced. As launch time approaches, a safety video is shown featuring Muppet monsters and Muppet aliens (including a cameo from the Sesame Street martians). It instructs guests how to fasten their seat belts and where to place belongings.


Once the doors to the Swinetrek 3000 open, guests walk across bridges into one of several ride theatres. As the doors close, the bumbling pilot Bobo the Bear, chats up the guests about the trip as he sets up. It happens to be his first flight.All goes well until a slight mistake on Bobo's part sends the ship down the wrong tunnel and plummeting down into a maintenance yard, just managing to escape to open space before a giant mechanical appendage would have crushed the ship. Once in space, Bobo puts the ship into Hyper Speed, but overshoots the ship's intended destination, passing Planet Koozbane, instead getting caught inside a comet cluster. The ship gets trapped inside one of the larger comets and has to maze its way out. Upon escaping the comet, the ship encounters the Death Egg.The ship gets caught in its tractor beam, but manages to get loose when the crew of the Swinetrek provides assistance by destroying the tractor beam's generator. With the tractor beam deactivated, the Swinetrek 3000 escapes the Egg Destroyer. Soon the ship accompanies the Rebellion on a massive assault on the Death Egg. Bobo uses the Swinetrek's lasers to eliminate TIE fighter Eggs while Link Hogthrob destroys the Death Egg. A final Hyper speed jump sends the Swinetrek 3000 back where it started, but not before a near collision with a fuel truck in the spaceport.

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